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  • The Speaker Design that keeps giving.....

    A few years ago I built a pair of Curt C's Stentorians. Excellent speakers for a very reasonable price...provided you like your router! For years I had them running as the front left and right mains in a 5.1 home theater system. They were set-up as a phantom center channel and I thought it sounded great... that was until I built a Stentorian as a center channel for my basement theater system. Now that was a revelation!!! Knowing that I now "needed" a true center channel for my main system, I re-purposed my original Stertorians into a pair of Sten II's, utilizing the same tower and grill to cover the missing speakers and providing a new crossover as designed by Curt for the Sten II's. The MTM configuration now in the old Stentorian tower keep the tweeter at the same sitting height, eliminating the need for a stand if I were to build a pair of Sten II's. The end result is a true 6.1 home theater system with Stentorian center, Sten II's, Dayton HO 15" sub and Dayton in-wall surrounds. It will be hard to go back to a phantom center after hearing this revised system! The amount of sound that Stentorian can handle while allowing the surrounds to do their portion really helps to separate the audio between all the speakers for a much better viewing and listening experience!

    As a bonus, I have 2 Aura NS255 speakers left over in which I am working with donradick in building a pair of his Aurbacs for stereo listening.

    May thanks again to Curt C for his excellent design! To date I have built the Stentorians, Sten II's and a Sten II transmission line tower all utilizing those nice sub $10 speakers. Click image for larger version

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    Looks good! Did some of those drivers get sun faded, or is that just variance in production?


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      4 of the drivers were used one summer as outdoor speakers. Although placed under a metal porch and never exposed to the sun, they faded just due to the elements.


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        Sharpie time!


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          excellent execution on those cabs and grills.
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            I like the fadded look. Can you send a better pic of the cone?


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              +1 I like the faded look too. As an experiment, you should pull and measure one faded and one non-faded speaker with DATS or WT3 to see how the weather has affected the TS parameters!
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                Unfortunately I don't have any testing equipment other than my 56 year old ears I do like the idea of a sharpie to color the paper cone, but as the speaker now has a cloth grille there is really no reason other than to create my own "sharpie designs" on the speaker cone like the car companies do for their prototype vehicles!