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OT: ARXA turntable restoration

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  • OT: ARXA turntable restoration

    Thought I would mix it up a bit with a non-speaker build....

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    Before photo...


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      That is gorgeous birds-eye maple!
      What did you use for the black top plate?
      Did you use the original tone-arm and replace the head shell?

      Great job.
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        Thanks! Picked up the birdseye at the local woodshop during their xmas sale, along with enough walnut to do at least 3 more plinths, all for $40.

        The top plate was stripped to bare metal and painted with rattle can paint and clear coat. Sanded to 3000 grit and rubbed out to piano black finish.

        The tone arm is original sort of. The wand is from a technics and the headshell a modern style to allow for newer cartridges. This is all well document on vinylengine site by many folks. I also rewired the arm and reconfigured the grounding scheme. There's a guy on audiokarma named marc morin who is the AR guru. He taught me how to polish the main spindle bearing.

        My biggest surprise is the sound of this very simple deck. There's no VTA, no anti-skate and the sound is still absolutely stunning! Go figure. Something to be said for keeping is simple.


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          Do I see a micro-acoustics cartridge?


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            No Chris, it's a shure sps-5. It has a stylized PS (stands for professional series) on the front that most people mistake for a "25" (I know cause I did). It came with the deck and looked in pretty good shape. After reading up on it I decided to try it out on a test record and it sounded great! I've been playing it over the last few days and it has a terrific sound.


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              Simply stunning! "KISS" should be followed more often.