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  • 3rutu5 Baby Boombox

    Progress pictures of todays little experiment. First of all, this is a smaller version of the big Boombox, running 2* ND65-4 drivers and will be powered by a DTA-2 amp board. The enclosures have an internal volume of 0.065 cu.ft each. As my forsner bits are either too big or too small I've decided to use a vitamin container as a sleeve for the PVC port to sit in. I'm restriction in depth and will only be putting a 5inch length in each side. Should be tuned for 60hz but need to check what the newer larger volume gives me in WiniSD.

    Should have this finished in a.week, but thinking about a different paint scheme and might try my hand at a bit of stencil grafitti and go navy blues and whites ..

    I mounted the Peerless PR on the first run I did this morning and was a bit disappointed as Chris suggested these micro speakers might struggle to move such a chunky radiator. I used a cheap 2.1 eBay amp which I was equally disppointed.with when I bought it just to hear that it worked. So moving forward quickly cut another piece and did what you see now. I love the flush cut router bit with a bearing and some.double.sided tape, makes it a matching cut Everytime.

    The larger one is in the photo similar to the viral "banana for scale" times of.a.few years ago.
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    Had a go at making a cutting out a image template and using spray paint. Wired everything up and I think I busted the potentiometer and as soon as you touch it, either a speaker drops out or one guess I'm going to look into fixing or just replace the entire one with a KAB 215
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      Hooked up the amp and had a listen before I swap out the other amp board I had, can say I was a little underwhelmed, the little speakers started to distort a little and no real bass, ran a test with the same volume on my TEBM build and the difference was like I was originally listing to a set of headphones standing a meter away. Might try a different amp and change the port length.

      Not sure if this is something to do with a 4,ohm driver, the BSC or something else....


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        any mods around that can delete this thread for me? i dont think i will be continuing this project with its current setup?