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MiniDSP with Carmody Speedsters

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  • MiniDSP with Carmody Speedsters

    I've built a pair of Carmody Speedsters with separate woofer and tweeter terminals for bi-amping. I also have a MiniDSP dac/crossover, but no test/measurement equipment.

    If anyone has a pair of Speedsters and measuring equipment and is interested in experimenting with a digital electronic crossover, I'd be happy to loan my MiniDSP to you in exchange for determining the MiniDSP settings for the best speaker response.

    These speakers are, for the money and size, quite good even with the passive crossover that Carmody designed for them. But, I'd really like to know how they can perform with a digital electronic crossover.

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    The Minidsp is really going to shine adjusting Your speakers to Your room. You can pick up the Minidsp usb microphone for about $100? REW “room eq wizard” is a free download to Your computer for measuring the in room response. Any adjustments made for Your speakers will be completely different from room to room and or changes in speaker placement. It’ll be worth spending the $100 and learning the REW program. I’ve become quite the Minidsp junkie, I’ve even installed the 2x4 in My DIY boombox! I’ll be purchasing the HD model You have for My current project once affordable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


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      A test microphone would be a great place to start. If you are looking to truely maximize your speaker responce you will need to measure them in place.