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    I like to collect orphan drivers on EBay because you. Can get some real deals and I don’t have the space and money to build two of every thing I would like to hear or build. I managed to purchase a Satori MW16 and a satori TW29RN for a combined price of well under 200 dollars. They sat around long enough that I decided stop procrastinating and put them in a Dayton Audio BR-1 prefab enclosures. I removed the port except for the flared part and stuffed it to make an aperiodic vent. I mounted the tweeter from the back on a piece plywood and made a very shallow flare waveguide in the BR-1 enclosure with a dremal tool sanding drum. An oversized 1/16 inch foam gasket both seals the tweeter and lines the waveguide. The cross over is the one published by Jochim Gerhard with some value changes for the tweeter time alignment.
    It is scary good sounding. Click image for larger version

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    Don't worry, if your parachute fails, you have the rest of your life to fix it.

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      It doesn’t look very fancy but sounds incredible. The Satori drivers live up to their reputation and I put a serious effort into the crossover as far parts qualify. I got almost all the parts off EBay have around 275 bucks in it total. It was an easy build well worth the money.


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        Great job on a cool project! I’m listening to that same woofer right now and been very impressed as you are, especially the low end grunt.

        The "SB's" build page


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          Fred- Did you coat the woofer cones? Those look a little different....
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            Originally posted by Wolf View Post
            Fred- Did you coat the woofer cones? Those look a little different....
            Very lightly with polyvinyl acetate one side only. I don’t recommend coating hard paper cones for most people because it is very easy to lose attack if you use even a pretty thin coat if it soaks into cone. I have moved on to other materials for coating cones. In general leave the cones alone on expensive drivers. It is too easy the screw them up. You don’t get much past you...I only built one of these by the way. I really want to build a pair after I find a deal on driver pricing. I bought these drivers for well under 200 bucks for the woofer and tweeter.


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              Good work!