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  • Console Radio Conversion

    Converted console radio by removing old tube radio and 3-way speakers. Custom modified cabinet to vertically mount Onkyo receiver, as I wanted the same vintage look of the old design with the receiver face flush with the wood surface of the interior. A Klipsh 10", front-facing sub-woofer is hidden in the left side of the unit where three original drivers were removed. The right-side speaker section contains the hidden power conditioner. The center section houses the vertically mounted Onkyo receiver in the same general location as the original tube radio.

    Exterior top was stripped to bare wood and the sides and front were lightly refinished with a small repair to edge banding veneer and several coats of Danish Oil. New mahogany plywood was installed in the interior to surround the vertically mounted receiver and to cover the original holes for the turn table and tube radio. The original record shelves now hold a small Sony Blu-Ray player (the cabinet is not deep enough to hold a normal 17" width component in this area).

    The cabinet contains the receiver, sub, power conditioner, and Lavolta sound activated LEDs. The unit is connected to old Yamaha NS A50X speakers that are wall mounted in the pictures, but I have since upgraded to Elac Debut B6.2 and am in the process of making the wiring neater in the cabinet and may run the speaker wires in the walls of the basement game room.

    I like that the sub is hidden and that the receiver is not viable when closed. The LEDs lend a sense of warmth to the wood and reflect nicely on the glossy interior of the top when it is open. The music activated LEDs add some visual interest when changing color in response to the music.

    There are a few things that I may improve or would do differently. I would have preferred a silver receiver in keeping with the old silver-faced tube radio, but they do not seem readily available at reasonable prices. I would have preferred a receiver with a front that is wider than the sides, so that it would slightly overlap the mahogany interior plywood. I also intend to cut another piece of plywood a bit more precisely to eliminate any gaps between the receiver and interior surface. Alternately, I may add some trim, but fear it will ruin the clean look that I desire.

    Receiver - Onkyo TX NR676
    Blue-Ray - Sony
    Subwoofer - Klipsch 10"
    Lights - Lavolta Music Controller LEDs
    Power Conditioner - Pyle PCO 800

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    Looks nice. You might want to watch the temps inside it, the RCVR and subwoofer amp can generate a lot of heat. Also, the RCVR might get a little warm being mounted vertically.


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      neat project !


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        I've been wanting to do an old cabinet rebuild for a while. Nice to see how you did it. It might give me some ideas when I get there.