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1st speaker project. Modified Overnight Sensations

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  • 1st speaker project. Modified Overnight Sensations

    So this is version 2 of my first project. ItIt start its life as a 2.1 Bluetooth speaker with the speakers from the overnight sensation, a modified crossover, and a Tang band 5.25" sub in a single enclosure. In the end, the footprint was way too big. The hivi mids just require too much space, even when sealed. I built it out of some plywood that I had in my wood shop and absolutely hated it, no matter how good it sounded. That project got sidelined and I decided to make wings for my television. The boxes are mdf and the baffle is a piece of walnut that I resawed. I'm not sure how the walnut will affect the sound, but these will be mounted on a 2 sided fireplace. The rest of this walnut board is the mantle on the other side so I definitely wanted this for esthetics. I made the boxes shallower and extended the height to keep the volume. They will be mounted about a bit over 5.5 feet high and slightly angled down with the TV so I decided to mount the drivers on the bottom with the tweeters below. Not sure if my thinking is correct, but maybe someone can give me guidance. The ports will be mounted on the sides with a 90 degree bend inside. Powering them with an internal TPA3116 stereo chip amp. I am wiring it internally with 20 gauge silver clad copper stranded wire. Is this enough to handle 50 watts Max? Don't mind the stain on the left speaker. I drooled on it when routing out my speaker hole. Haha. If anyone has any advise on this configuration, I'm open to suggestions.

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    Finished the boxes and installed 6" port with a 90 degree bend. Then I went to work on the baffles. They got their first coat of waterlox. I love when a piece of wood comes to life with a touch of oil. I coated the boxes in glue and water. They are going to be flat black in the end.


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      Your baffles look fantastic!

      The lowest possible F3 box alignment is not always the best alignment.

      Designing and building speaker projects are like playing with adult Lego Blocks for me.


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        sure looks pretty.


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          Thanks for the kind words guys. That is actually the ugly side of the board. I cut it off when I built my mantle and tucked it away on my lumber rack. I resawed it into 3 boards. The other 2 are going to be my boom box. I'll post more pics as I continue. I'm on my 4th coat of oil. Only about 10 to go.