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  • Prosaic-b Soundbar

    The Prosaic-b Sound Bar:

    So, lately the wife and I have been chilling in the guest bedroom to watch TV. Except the tv speakers are just so bad. I had a couple of aurasound NS3’s sitting around for a long time, and nothing to use them for, so I decided a sound bar was in order.

    Project parameters: decent sound, small as possible, 3 hour time investment.
    After ripping the mdf, it dawned on me that, while I have built a number of speakers, this was my very first speaker design. So despite not being particularly inspirational, lacking in high end appeal, and being aware of it’s shortcomings, of course I had to name it, document it, and post it!

    The enclosure is 38x3.5x4, yielding an internal volume of .25 cubic feet. In order to minimize the size, given the relatively large volume required by the speakers, I decided to use ¼” mdf with internal bracing. 1” by 4” port on each end. Internal surfaces are lined with cuttings from an old extra thick wool overcoat I have no use for, and just a small amount of stuffing behind each speaker.

    I think I exceeded my time allotment playing around with it and painting, but not by too much. Powered by a small 50 wpc Bluetooth class D amp, it pumps out a very acceptable volume level. It does very nicely for the small room. We are about 10 feet away when watching tv. Yeah, it’s definitely ok. Added bonus: Bluetooth music sounds pretty good too, so we have a dual use unit!

    Note: The Bluetooth amp slides behind the tv at the top where it angles away from the wall, so there’s no clutter from wires, so that’s nice.

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    I would definitely use Paul Carmody's Sprite filter to get the most out of these. Nice drivers, enjoy your new build.