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    Students at Michigan Tech have published there latest speaker designs at: 87 total designs now.

    Let us know what you think.

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    Pretty cool stuff there. They appear to be well designed. Time to bring those designs to some speaker building events.
    John H

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      Lots of them look very nice, and the wood working is well done on most. I really liked the 'blue Lichtenberg' and 'white with red splatter paint' designs. I question those with screws missing, or those with 8" woofers; as most of the 8" designs look like they'll have issues in xover/driver blending or off-axis response. I also question the use of active xovers for this kind of learning experience, as a lot of these could be just set to be flat in one point in space without regard to breakup, off-axis, or beaming/lobing. At least that is what I'm seeing...

      Especially liked; 'Passive because it's awesome' design cue.

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        Not all of them are exceptional examples of engineering. However, using active crossovers does free up time to investigate power response as well as measuring conditions more. Especially for the students who do not have an engineering background or aspirations.


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          Many of them LOOK pretty cool.
          "Air suspension" category most likely should say "closed box" (not the same).
          In a closed box, the RS225's F3 seems to be overstated by 15-20Hz (w/out EQ) in places?
          Quite a few (too many?) 8" 2-ways (as Ben said). I see lots of excessive C-C driver spacing. Still . . .


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            Kitten Koffins? Kreepy.


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              Great gallery of various designs. Looks like ribbon tweeters and side facing ports were in fashion. The ribbon tweeters wasn't surprising, but seeing that many side facing ports was.