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  • Speaker build with sub

    Hi this is my first time on this forum and wanted to see if someone can help me or send me in the right direction for my next project. I am wanting to build a tower speaker, 2 way, with 2 - 6.5 “ woofers and a quality ribbon tweeter. I also want to incorporated a subwoofer in the bottom section of this tower speaker in it own dedicated enclosed space of course. You don’t see many designs like this but it seems to me that it would be Somewhat of a space saver and better in a smaller room. The sub woofer part of the enclosure would have its own plate amp and not be any part of the 2 way section of the speaker. Does anyone have experience in this type of set up. I hope I described what I am looking for correctly. Thanks much

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    Listed below is a link to a project that uses the concept that you spoke about. This project uses 2 8" woofers and does not use a ribbon tweeter but does have a sub woofer on the side of the enclosure. Ribbons normally need a higher cross over point than a dome tweeter so be aware of that when you select the mid-woofer.There are links to many existing designs at the bottom of the PE home page and looking through those wouldn't be a bad idea. The regulars on this forum are packed full of knowledge and may be aware of a design more similar to what you are thinking of.


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      Thank you randyohoh!!


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        A couple of projects you might look at. The Zaph BAMTM shows a tower with sub option. A very well known older design with a real nice tweeter.

        Indium 7 | Parts Express Project Gallery

        The Curves | Parts Express Project Gallery

        Zaph|Audio - Bargain Aluminum MTM