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Tower speaker design/selection help

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  • Tower speaker design/selection help

    Speaker Design Goals
    • Stay under $350 for all speaker components (electrical) (building materials separate i.e. wood, glue, screws etc.)
    • Either 2-way or 3-way passive design
    • Music and movies will be the main listening media
    • Looking for a warm and punchy (fun) sound, with vocals being crisp and clear
    • I already have an active 12” down firing sub made by Klipsch
    • I am using a Denon 7.1 receiver with an output of 100 watts per channel
    • The living room that these will be in, is a nightmare of a listening situation.
      • The overall size of the room is about 12’ W x 15’ L x 8’ H
      • Hardwood floors
      • There is a hallway that leads to the bedrooms and bathroom to the left of the TV and speakers
      • Also to the left are the stairs that lead down to the kitchen/dining room with there being a huge opening (like a loft) to the left of the listening position looking over the dining room and kitchen.
    • I plan on making the speakers floor-standing
    • See the attached image to get a general layout of the living room
      • The red boxes are where the speakers will go
      • The blue box in the upper right is the sub-woofer
      • The green boxes are the couches
      • The dark blue box to the left is the opening where you can look down into the kitchen and dining room

    May I please get some guidance on speaker design/selection for my situation and try to hit my goals?

    Thank you in advance
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    This is the Gallery for finished projects. You'll get answers to queries better over in the TechTalk sector.
    Good luck,
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      As Wolf says, you will get more views and advice in the Tech Talk section.

      I'm assuming you want a tower so that the tweeters are at ear level when seated? If so, you probably want a TMM or similar layout rather than MTM, although you could do MTM with a taller cabinet, or a TM tower for that matter. There are heaps of good designs out there.

      If you want a fun sound, Paul Carmody's Classix 2.5 would easily fit in your budget; I have them on my growing 'to do' list. I built the Classix II, and they sound great for the price; slightly relaxed sound and the DC160s aren't "reference" standard, but in our garage/workshop which has mostly hard surfaces, they're excellent for music.

      The 2.5s will have similar sound to the Classix II but play louder:

      That's just my suggestion



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        I am posting this to the tech talk section. Thanks for letting me know.
        Geoff, I like how the Classix 2.5 looks, thanks


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          do you have any drivers yet ?

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