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DS135-8 and XT25TG30-04 Crossover considerations

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  • DS135-8 and XT25TG30-04 Crossover considerations


    I realized I already had most parts to build one of theese

    It uses the Dayton DS135-8 with a Vifa DX25 tweeter. I have all crossover parts on hand and the woofers but a pair of XT25 instead of DX25. I substitutet the DX25 with the XT25 in Xsim, loaded FRD and ZMA files for the drivers, and added a second capacitor for the tweeter (the 10uf one). This is the first time I´m fiddling with crossovers and first time using Xsim so I´m quite a rookie at constructing speakers, only used to building them. To my rookie eyes the sims look rather ok, but looking around the web the XT25 seemes to be mated to alot more complicated x-overs. The x-over point is somewhere around 2700 hz if i understand correctly.

    Does anyone have any input? I understand a more elaborate crossover might do a better job but my budget is low and I was happy when i realized I already had most coils and expensive parts on hand.
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    And here we see both drivers

    Click image for larger version

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      I feel like the baffle-step of only 2-3db might make the low-end sound a little thin unless you're planning to have these on a desk/table or very near the wall behind them, but I think the tweeter with your less complicated crossover looks like it should work really nice as you've modeled it. I'm also pretty sure a larger BaffleStepCorrection would need you to replace the 0.8mH coil on the woofer with something more like 1.0-1.2mH while messing with the tweeter's Lpad to follow, and I'm guessing those are parts you don't have on hand. Plus it's not like you can't tweak it a little later if you decide you want to change it.


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        I agree (esp. about the BSC). They seem "okay" (if you're happy).
        How do they sound to you? Any complaints?


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          Oooos, just realized I posted in the wrong part of the forum! Should have posted in the Tech talk audio section since I havent built the speakers yet. Sorry about that and moderators please move if it’s against forum rules. I guess I’m obligated to build them now and post pictures here...

          Thbaks for your input!

          Regarding the BSC, I will have the speakers placed fairly close to a wall on a sideboard so that will help i guess, but if I were to start fiddling with the crossover it’s the LC secrion that is affecting the BSC if im not missunderstanding it, as well as being a second order filter. Would adding a second coil after the capacitor help maybe, ”cascading” is something I’ve read somewhere...


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            I believe you can add 2-3db more of a bafflestepcomp to that design like you mention by adding a coil after the capacitors in the woofer's low-pass, BUT I'm pretty sure it'll still have to be something like 0.8mH and you'll want to run something like an 8ohm resister parallel with the added coil to avoid it making a nasty peak right before the drop-off.