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Boozetooth Speaker MKIII

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  • Boozetooth Speaker MKIII

    Hi all, let me first say that this was more geared to a 3D printing project and a bit of science normally dedicated to components and drivers has really been pushed to the side. So apologies to the audiophiles who get offended by the post

    The design was first thought up whilst enjoying a double IPA (craft beer) and thinking, wouldnt that be a trip to have a can blaring out some tunes at a BBQ. There are currently two other versions of this that will actually resemble a can more, but this version was after somebody suggested something downward firing like a bose soundlink evolve...The driver in this is a non name chinese ali-express 2' full range, which according to the write up, might need to research into what toxic actually means....

    now this is where it starts getting even is housing this 2 inch driver, 8 PUI passive radiators, 1x fully programmable 5V BT/Amplifier CSRA64215 and 1x panasonic 18650 battery. The battery can be charged from the top and volume, play and on/off from the buttons on the side.

    I would love to say what this thing was tuned to, but alias, you buy chinese no name gear, you aint going to get any T/S parameters and to top it off, out of the 0.015cuft of space, i didnt take into account how much 1x board, booster chip and battery would take up internally.

    Would i do it again, probably not as i didnt like the idea of not knowing what i could normally sim, but will post a video of how it sounds over the next few days, once i can give it a bit of a stress test .

    Would like to finish the other two, but.....suspect i will get a similar result as those two had no name passives, but the lower sensitivity Visaton BF37's.

    here are some photos of the end product in the meantime.

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    looking at the close ups, i could have tried to finish the paint a bit better and even looks like i left a bit of painters tape in the USB charging port, but at the end of the day, i used some rustoleum camoflage ultra flat paint that hunters can use to detail their quad bikes, that and i would probably drop this a dozen times, so lost interest in the finish.

    I'm trying a few prints at the moment, that the finish looks good enough and to avoid the prep work, but doubt i will be speaker building with it.


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      Youtube video from this morning, doesnt actually sound too bad. Yes it is packed in there and i think it may have knocked the volume + wire somewhere and it doesnt work, but apart from that the play\pause and volume down all work fine.



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        Just for a bit of fun I'm redo'ing this project with ports in lieu of PR's and looking for a minimalist finish using slower print times etc. I was going to try the TEBM35 full range driver but when I did the dry run yesterday there was a bit of distortion when fed from a tinysine 12v amp, sounding a bit "flappy". So went with the "ULTRA TOXIC SOUNDING" 2" driver. Out of interest I may hook up with 5v amp to see how the tectonics fair with less power as well, as it might go alright.


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          So update, this is the same size, but has 3* ports 10mm internal diameter and 110mm long each, just don't know the specs for the driver.

          To save gluing and painting I designed the screw in base which houses the waveguide and driver, with only section I want to glue is the driver into the housing and the top of the can to the body.

          the ports all fire outwards at the top through the ring of holes, with most being false for appearance.

          Everything will be controlled from the top as well, with a sneaky on/off switch near the top of the pull tag, charge port in the mouth of the can and volume +/- buttons sitting flush (almost) for now.
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            Wish I had a 3D printer your can looks amazing! So have you tried this with the 5v amp? Since only one speaker are you just running off 1 leg/side of amp? I am about to build something similar but not downfiring so I can put in cup holder on golf cart. I have a little 5v Bluetooth amp and just saw a 6watt mono amp I may get. Likely will go with The Dayton Ce65 speaker or a bf37. I am a big hobby builder/tinkerer, but just getting into this audio stuff.


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              I was going to try a downward firing BF37 but stopped as the 5v BT/Amps i was trying are inconsistent and out of 6 different types the green one is the only one I have been able to get working off 1*18650 with no problems.

              I'm actually printing another bigger one now as I got a new 3d printer being a Delta and using a CE65W, 12v amp and Dayton LBB board.

              i will say this, the boozetooth.speakers are very small and putting all the components in with big hands is very frustrating albeit a fun concept