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The Half-sheet Heroes - Quick and dirty HT monitors

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    Final dimensions ended up being 15-3/8" width, 21-7/8" height, 13-1/2" depth.

    Just used a couple of these per box. Factory length (uncut) seemed to calculate ok.


    • Steve Lee
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      Thanks for the info.

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    What sound differences are you noticing between this build and the original in this thread ?

    Thanks for the write-ups. I'm still looking for something for my future room. 👍


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      Better in all ways to be honest. I feel I am getting only parts of the sound when I switch back to the others. Then again. These cost ~3x more to build. Worth it? hell yeah... Would I still enjoy messing around with cheap speakers? you betcha.

      Took me probably 6-7 tweaks to the crossover to be fully satisfied with these latest ones. Im ready to just listen to them. Unfortunately they are just too big to be a permanent placement in the living room. They will go upstairs when I can get to the renovations.

      For the Half sheets I might try a different compression driver and adjust accordingly.


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        Great look, DrewsBrews. A Heresy clone is in my bucket list for sure.


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          Do you have a parts list and a crossover schematic available for this latest version by any chance ? I think this just may be what I've been looking for.


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            Ill think about posting up an other thread on them.


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              I'd be interested in that thread, Drew.


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                Originally posted by Steve Lee View Post
                I'd be interested in that thread, Drew.
                That makes 2 of us !!!


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                  Still have the xos in rough form laying at the bottom of the cab. I need to figure out the final layout and adhere them down. I don't even completely remember what I ended up with after all the testing and adjusting. Just been enjoying them as-is for the moment. I actually had to swap out a diaphragm a few days ago because one had some audible distortion i've been dealing with for weeks. Turns out the voice coil was a bit warped, probably causing some rubbing on the pole piece. Fortunately they are only $13.50.

                  Working on yet another pair for my father's b-day... (As well as another non-audio project warming on the backburner). So Ive kept busy. Took me at least double the measuring and adjusting to get these things reasonably in check. Hope he likes em... Once it warms up a bit to spray some finish on em. Hopefully they work well with a dta-pro I scored on clearance to power em.

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	XZNx55Q.jpg Views:	0 Size:	107.2 KB ID:	1463933
                  Click image for larger version  Name:	L7YKXMC.jpg Views:	0 Size:	34.6 KB ID:	1463934