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    Here's my latest project, a miniature desktop speaker utilizing a pair of 28mm BMR drivers and a pair of Dayton 2.5" ND65-PR's, tuned to ~140Hz using the enclosure volume, no added mass on the PR's. It's intended primarily for use with a sub woofer, but actually sounds quite impressive without one, considering its 68x50mm footprint and 350ml acoustic volume! measured response is 115Hz to 20kHz nominal.

    The enclosure is 3D printed in one piece +optional stand and accent panel on the front. The stand cants the speaker back 8 degrees. The end result is very pleasing to the ear, these BMR drivers have a pretty sweet sound.

    Parts list, per speaker:
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    Very cool looking! Great little desktop build.
    No XO, right?
    It is amazing what can be done with a printer these days...


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      Indeed, no XO. I’ve tried using them with a sub, both with a Lepai plate amp, and with a Dayton dsp amp. With the plate amp I think they get a fairly soft roll off at 100Hz. With the DSP I used a 48db XO at 140Hz. The difference in sound wasn’t striking, but you can see far less cone movement with the higher cut off.