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Apple themed Overnight Sensation MTM

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    Re: Apple themed Overnight Sensation MTM

    yeah pe has a close out on wire I will find a link. your wire in the hole of the post idea is good.

    use the pair as one wire cost is 5 dollars for every 25 feet it is 18 gauge 2 18's = 15ga. I have a link for my favorite wire costs more has a great name canare and a very nice feel to the jacket


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      Re: Apple themed Overnight Sensation MTM

      my favorite wire is this


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        Re: Apple themed Overnight Sensation MTM

        I have some of the canare in my attic. I could send a small sample to you for free. I would have to look. over the years I have come to think the lower the cost the better the wire. thus the closeout was my first choice for you.


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          Re: Apple themed Overnight Sensation MTM

          Originally posted by philiparcario View Post
          I have some of the canare in my attic. I could send a small sample to you for free. I would have to look. over the years I have come to think the lower the cost the better the wire. thus the closeout was my first choice for you.
          Thanks for the links! A sample of that wire would be awesome. A picture might work as well, if you can find it. I am going to try my local audio places and radioshack. I have some neat looking blue/silver twisted monster cable for a sub in my car I found there before.


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            Re: Apple themed Overnight Sensation MTM

            I worked on the 3D drawing and I am happy to say it is finished. Here is some updated pictures with all the parts, including crossovers!

            I did a quick crossover showing a slightly different layout of components. Board is 4"x6" which should fit through the 4" hole in the front baffle.

            I have it mounted to the back wall with the inputs facing down and the outputs facing up. This means a shorter run to the banana terminals below it. The tweeter connection will be suspended in mid air. The B4N's will be connected by snaking the wire up to the top of the box and then running it down in parallel top to bottom driver.

            Here is the finished front. The screw holes for the drivers are slightly off and I need to measure them exactly when making the cuts but for now they are ok. The front plexi covers the 1/4" of speaker frame which houses the 4 screw holes. They perfectly fit the #8 hex bolts and T-nuts I ordered. The plexi will have holes slightly wider than the 1/4" head on the nuts, so that the drivers can be tightened without stressing the plexiglass, but the plexi will still cover the edges of the driver and need to be removed to remove the drivers.

            And finally, the exploded version of how everything fits together.

            Any thoughts suggestions? I am going to start labeling measurements for everything so I can get started building this, hopefully this weekend.

            Here is a picture of monster cable sold at radioshack that looks pretty cool.. though its 100ft which is more than I need.


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              Re: Apple themed Overnight Sensation MTM

              I picked up 1/4" MDF to make the crossovers. I also got a few more clamps. You can never have to many clamps. Here is the build process

              I had Home Depot rip the huge piece of MDF into a 4" wide strip.

              I cut it a 6" piece off making the board 4x6"

              Here is the prototype cardboard circuit next to the board

              I laid out the parts as per my 3D model, marked the points where the wires met with pencil

              I drilled 1/8" holes and test fit the connections and placement.

              I then marked additional holes for zip ties, Drilled them slightly larger to fit my zip ties. Then I clamped the board with holes to another 4x6 board and redrilled all of the holes to transfer the layout to the second board.

              Here are both boards side by side with matching holes.

              Zip ties added

              Top with zip ties done

              Rear cleaned up the zip ties

              Both boards zip tied with the components together.

              Tested both and they are working fine.

              Used Gorilla Glue to attach Terminal Strips to the board. Going to check them in the morning to see how they are doing. Those clamps came in handy.

              Still need to add wires to connect inputs and outputs to the terminals. Solder the wires all together. Then I will make short cables with spade connectors to connect the drivers to the crossovers and amp and test everything electrically at the same time.

              More updates tomorrow.


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                Re: Apple themed Overnight Sensation MTM

                Just checked the glue on the wire terminals. Looks pretty solid. Some gorilla glue foamed out of the front edges as I expected. Going to sand that off with the dremel after work and wire up the rest. Here is a quick photo of the digital 3D model next to the actual crossover.

                Looks like I ended up pretty close to what I was going for. The speaker cutouts are 3 5/8" and the boards are 4" wide.... This could prove to be a problem. Looks like they are getting mounted permanently in the speaker boxes. Unless anyone has a better idea? I dont think I can make them any smaller width wise.


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                  Re: Apple themed Overnight Sensation MTM

                  I just about finished up the crossovers last night. I was able to move one of the resistors in closer and dremmel off about 1/2" off the board. Now the boards are no larger than 3 1/2" wide.... which should just fit.

                  Here is one of the crossovers, completly wired, after the modification. Note, the rear connector input had to be relocated as well so its not glued in these pictures.

                  And here is the other one. The hole where the grounds are all connected needed to be widened to fit all the wire.

                  All the wires under the board still need to be soldered together, I dont think I will tape over them because they have nothing to short out into and will be not long enough to short out into each other.

                  Naturally, the next thing I did was wire up the crossovers to the actual drives in the finished configuration to test both crossovers, the amp's ability to drive everything, and the overall quality to this point.

                  The crossovers would be mounted behind the drivers on the back wall so the wire will travel upwards to the top then back down on it's way to the top driver then the bottom driver. The tweeter will jump from the crossover and directly across to the tweeter in the center suspending the wire in the air.

                  All wires connecting to the crossover were made a few inches longer. I can always make them shorter.

                  I will most likely solder all of the spade connectors, I really dont trust crimping that much. I added heat shrink to all of the wire ends, though much of it is not yet shrunk as it is waiting for soldering. Even though the wire is marked (white strip for +) This will ensure everything connected correctly, and well, it looks pretty sweet too.

                  The system so far sounds great without the box on the upper mids and highs. The amp can really handle the speakers too with no detectable distortion yet. I'm pretty excited, these speakers just need a new box to call home and they are ready to go.

                  Going to discuss the plans today and see what kind of time frame I can finish this in. I may make all of the sides except for routing the front and back just to get moving forward on the project. I might be able to transfer my drawing of the front baffle to somewhere to have it laser cut in plexiglass, and then use that as an exact template for speaker mounting and hole positioning.

                  I expect it will take a week or two to cut up the box etc and another week or two to paint it and let it dry properly.

                  In the mean time check out my paint job from a few years ago on an old laptop

                  I'm not sure what paint I will be using to make the surface look like the Apple Aluminum texture and color but I'm open to suggestions.


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                    Re: Apple themed Overnight Sensation MTM

                    I finished making the final renders as best as I could with sketchup. Here is the overall design. This model was made using the exact dimensions I planned each part to be and I am happy to report that every screw hole etc lines up in the model perfect.

                    Here is the detail of the front. You can see the black plexi front flush with the edges of the silver border. Also note the screws in the 4 corners extend beyond the face of the speaker while the screws holding the drivers are countersunk as the plexi is cut to go around the head.

                    Here is a close up of the rear with the speaker binding posts in place. The well they are sitting in is routed 1/4" deep + the 1/8" plexi for a total of 3/8" This will leave the banana plugs near flush with the rear face.

                    Thats it for now. The test plexi is currently being cut somewhere in CA. I am going to print out some of these designs to use for a reference when building.


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                      Re: Apple themed Overnight Sensation MTM

                      they oughta be cool when done!
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                        Re: Apple themed Overnight Sensation MTM

                        After reading through this thread I have to tell you I'm impressed with your project -- great use of Sketchup to work out the details you'll use in construction. Drawing things to scale is a great way to avoid dissatisfaction when the project is finished. Nice looking design!
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                          Re: Apple themed Overnight Sensation MTM

                          You have far more patience than I do, it will pay off in the end though. This looks like it's going to be a great build! Nice job on the rendering too! If you're going for a brushed aluminum look you might try using a "chrome look" spray paint, and then brush it with fine steel wool. I did that on a guitar once, I was going for the Joe Satriani chrome guitar look only to find out that chrome spray paint looks nothing like chrome. So I decided I would just scuff it up with steel wool and paint over it a solid color, to my surprise, it actually looked pretty cool. Almost like brushed metal, so I cleared over it and left it the way it was. A nice gloss white would look good, and would match the "Apple" theme. In any case, testing your finish options on a scrap of MDF is always a good idea. I look forward to seeing the finished speakers.
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                            Re: Apple themed Overnight Sensation MTM

                            After quite a while of sitting on this project waiting for my fiancee's dad to cut the baffles at his work with their CNC machine I decided to have them cut my self.

                            I got the entire set of parts needed to assemble the speakers cut from 3/4 Lang Door Core used for making cabinet doors in kitchens from a cabinet maker with a Shop Bot CNC machine. It should be around $130 for all the parts + shipping.

                            I modified my design slightly to accommodate a small access panel in the rear, hidden by the acrylic back panel. The crossover will be mounted to this panel making it easy to stuff additional material in and fix anything that may come lose etc.

                            After I receive the panels I will still need to work on them a bit. All of them need some slots cut to be joined together, T-nuts need to be installed, and the rear of the front baffle needs to be chamfered to allow good air flow to the drivers.

                            After they are assembled I will begin testing them for audio quality as well as fit and finish. They will need some serious sanding and bondo work to make the outside edges look super smooth and metal like before painting.

                            Here are some pictures of the new designed access panel as well as the final acrylic pieces. I had to add ~1/8" to my tweeter diameter to make it fit as it was off ever so slightly. This time I had the panels cut in glossy black acrylic and etched on the back side. They look super nice and are solid black throughout now.

                            I am hoping to finish up this project asap so I can still paint them before it gets too cold.


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                              Re: Apple themed Overnight Sensation MTM

                              Wow, that looks awesome! You are very patient lol! 4 months since the last update!

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                                Re: Apple themed Overnight Sensation MTM

                                Originally posted by greywarden View Post
                                Wow, that looks awesome! You are very patient lol! 4 months since the last update!
                                Thanks! It is hard to wait to finish a project but I wanted to get this perfect in order to match the rest of the Apple products. Hence the CNC routing etc. I had something to keep me busy for the last 4 months though.....

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