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1/4 Wave 5-1/4" "rat rods"

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  • 1/4 Wave 5-1/4" "rat rods"

    Here is my latest build. Started out as a 2-way transmission line but I have since dropped the tweeter as the performance as a full range is beyond expectation (and the tweeter and crossover were comprimising the sound big time)

    It's a rat rod for a few reasons: natural mdf finish, scrap material, speakers from "inventory", raw driver no fancy electronics.

    The 5-1/4" driver is a Phoenix Gold XS130. fs 40HZ, published range 40-20,000hz (so truly a full range speaker), 89dB sensitivity. The surround is butyl rubber and the cone is glass aramide composite. This is old school Phoenix Gold, they were never used till now.

    The tweeter is an MB Quart, HC line (cheap line).

    Originally I figured full range, but figured the 5-1/4" could use some help. Turned out that wasn't the case and I've taken the tweeter out of the circuit.

    The box is tuned to 40Hz, 1/4wave. So the "line" is 7 feet long. This makes the speaker 42" tall. The cross sectional area of the line is 115% of the cone surface area for the first half and 100% for the second half. This makes the speaker 7" wide and 7-3/8" deep.

    Stuffing is quilting material (typical). I did have fiberglass insulation in at the beginning of the line (stuffed in a nylon stocking) but have removed it as they were over stuffed.

    Overall impression: Now running only the 5-1/4" I'm very impressed with the sound. Lots of detail and I don't feel at all like I'm missing anything without a tweeter. They have good volume too. As for the low end; it's not going to punch you in the chest or anything and your bass guitar/drum are lacking but that's why I have a sub. AND it's only a 5-1/4", so the bass that is there is nice and you can listen to them without the sub and still be very satisfied (I'm going to remove a little more stuffing and this should increase the volume of the bottom end a little more).

    Anyways, below are some build pictures. In the future I'll be covering the front and top with weathered spruce to match the fireplace mantle and a rectangular grill over the speaker (tweeter will be removed and filled). The sides and back will be covered in chocolate brown vinyl to match the leather sofa.

    OH, and did they get "approved", not at all. "why can't you make little cubes". Oh well :o



    Sorry, iPhone picture. If/when I finish them I'll take some good shots

    For size reference, that's a 52" TV; and yes, that is "True Blood"
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    Re: 1/4 Wave 5-1/4" "rat rods"

    Wow! At first glance I thought those were as tall as the garage door. Lookin good!


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      Re: 1/4 Wave 5-1/4" "rat rods"

      looks like 1" MDF?

      Looking forward to more pics!
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        Re: 1/4 Wave 5-1/4" "rat rods"



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          Re: 1/4 Wave 5-1/4" "rat rods"

          I've never built a TL so I enjoy reading threads about them. It looks pretty good. Congrats!

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            Re: 1/4 Wave 5-1/4" "rat rods"

            More builds like this please.


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              Re: 1/4 Wave 5-1/4" "rat rods"


              the build is clean, just not finished.

              I found this link helpful he does great work.

              a helpful hint on making these or other speakers; when you go to the lumber store have them cut down the mdf to manageable sizes. For these i had 10 - 7.5" x 48" strips cut. Then I put it through the table saw to the exact widths easily. Didn't cost a thing to have them cut (thanks Rona!). Easier to get home, easier to cut at home, just easier. Probably 6, 2-3hour nights in these.

              I really need to get these tested, I'd like to see the charts.

              Thanks for the comments
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