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  • Klipsh project!

    My most recent project is using the 6.5" Klipsh buyout woofer and a 1" Vifa tweeter. The brains behind the cross-over is Johnny Richards , he did an awesome job on this design , in case anyone hasn't noticed he really has a nack for this speaker designing thing!;)
    I bought the woofer when it was $15 and I paid $11.17 for the tweeters a while back (I know why Johnny likes this tweeter!) , I used all electrolytic capacitors and a Marcato buyout inductor for the big value on the woofer , so this is a budget build. For the money spent I am blown away! I borrowed them to an audiophile friend and he said these were "Impressive" and he has Focal towers in his system.
    Thanks for the "Impressive" design Johnny , I love these speakers!
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    Nice work for such a price point


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      Re: Klipsh project!

      I really like how well the woofer recess came out.


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        Re: Klipsh project!

        Those look very nice. I have yet to attempt to flush mount odd shaped woofers. Well done, and I am glad you like how they sound!
        Don't listen to me - I have not sold any $150,000 speakers.


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          Re: Klipsh project!

          Sorry, I had to...

          I borrowed them to an audiophile friend...
          This word should be 'lent'. Technically your friend borrowed them.
          This actually is said more often of late, and I can't figure out why.

          We now return to your build thread-

          These look very nice!!! The cutout I would not even attempt cuz I'm overly careful with using the driver initially as my
          template and just don't risk it.

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            Re: Klipsh project!

            Thanks for the nice comments , the recessing of the woofer was interesting in that the woofers are not entirely symetrical , once I had the recess cut out and tried to place the woofer into the hole it was too snug but I found that if I gave the woofer a turn it would sit in nicely! The speaker's terminals face the side on both speakers because that is how they best fit! There are visible grinding marks along the outer edges of the cast frame done by the factory to smooth the edges and I assume this is done by hand. I decided to cut the recess by hand after tracing the woofer onto the baffle.


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              Re: Klipsh project!

              Looks great Ryan! What is the Klipsch part number on this woofer. I bought a bunch of stuff from a guy that used to work at Klipsch (including pre-assembled xovers) and have been using them as my "stash" for speaker projects. I recessed the woofers after making a routed template. It fits tight. Here's a pic.

              I'm posting today on my Heresy build.


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                  Re: Klipsh project!

                  Nice job Ryan and thanks for posting . I'm assuming you used the same Vifa tweeter Johnny did in his crossover posted way back when ?
                  I wondered what you used for port diameter/length ?
                  My Klipsch MTM with these drivers is sealed and sounds good, but I feel needs a sub, or to be ported as it just doesn't go very low . There seems to be some sibilance in the mid area that I cut at a few frequencies with an old Soundcraftsman eq , not sure what is the cause of the issue. Woof or tweet
                  I picked up the Klipsch horn/tweeters that were originally paired with the woofers when they were deal of the day for future use .
                  Like Wolf I was a little nervous about using the driver for a template to flush mount but it actually went just
                  fine . The Klipsch 299-101 weighs at least 5 pounds, so that helped . I guess if it was less substantial it might be an issue but things went smoothly. I'm following the thread on the forum where I think greywarden , sidi and diynut are working on a crossover for the Klipsch driver and matching horn


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                    Part number for klipsch kg 5.2 woofer


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                      Nice job. The klipsch woofers were new?