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POC #3 - tapped-horn build using the Dayton PA310-8

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    Originally posted by Beau View Post
    Brian - do you happen to have dimensioned drawing for the POC3?
    ​If you're talking about a proper CAD drawing, then no. I used a spreadsheet that I put together to design the horn and it provided the dimensions of the panels that need to be cut to build it, and the locations of guidelines to draw on one of the horn's side panels to properly position the internal panels.

    More about the POC here:

    ​...and my various horn-folding spreadsheets here -

    ​Of course, being a "Proof of Concept" (hence POC3), there are a number of things I would do differently if I was building again, like:

    ​1. Redo the fold and shoot for a higher Fb, e.g. 42 Hz. This will provide better power handling and slightly higher efficiency in the same box size
    ​2. Double-up on the top and bottom panels
    ​3. Incorporate "cone compensation", which given the folding used, might result in a slightly smaller box
    ​4. Don't bother doubling-up on the baffle
    ​5. Cut the driver cutout about 4mm smaller than the stated cutout diameter for the driver (it's being mounted on top of the hole, not through it).
    ​6. Add more internal bracing at the bottom and brace the mouth as well.

    Brian Steele