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Making my AviaTrix MLTLs

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    Re: Making my AviaTrix MLTLs

    They turned out great.
    Man that's a big port.
    Did you stuff them per Curt's website directions.


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      Re: Making my AviaTrix MLTLs

      One thing I found with my Core's was toe-in dramatically changed bass response. Before toeing in the speakers a bit, I kept getting boomy bass to the sides, and no impact or clean bass center stage. Slight toe in changed mine in a huge way, might be worth a shot.
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        Re: Making my AviaTrix MLTLs

        Thanks for the replies, guys. I attached a quick sketch of my listening area—it's not condusive to achieving greatness. My first steps tonight are to add substantial stuffing (I have about 1/2 of the 4 lb bag from PE left) and try toeing them in a bit. One problem, as you'll see, is I have very limited space (and a very accepting GF that loves good music!) to move them out from the wall, or away from eachother. They are about least 7 ft away from each other, center-to-center on the drivers, but that's about as much as I can get. Just throwing it out there if that affects your toeing in suggestion, JDC. Only one way to find out!

        Keep in mind:
        • Lots of hard surfaces (giggity)
        • Immidiate early reflection from right tower off bathroom door
        • Wall immediately behind TV/speakers stops after the left tower, openening up to the staircase going upstairs (there's also an window in the wall above the TV open to the staircase) (see post #14 above)

        Click image for larger version

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          Re: Making my AviaTrix MLTLs

          There is also a crossover option for different room placements.


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            Re: Making my AviaTrix MLTLs

            Originally posted by JoshuaC2U5H View Post
            FWIW, I found the MLTL version to be a bit tubby inherently. You'll likely need more stuffing than designed to reduce that.
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              Re: Making my AviaTrix MLTLs

              I've come to realize that, Wolf, and have made some adjustments to make it work for me a little: overdampened the tower a bit, moved away from wall when listening, EQ'd just a touch in iTunes (the culmination of accurate stereophile frequency response massaging, I'm sure) until I can source a mic for my second-hand Pioneer receiver and run the MCACC setup ... see how it fairs. They sound very, very good right now. It seems to be a shame to run MCACC on them because everything else is voiced pleasantly to my ear—I'd just like to dial down the octave where the TL/port start supplementing the active drivers. I tried manually adjusting the two-band EQ to lower the bass, but I think the MCACC will be more precise. I'd love to just let the passive crossover do its job as-designed, but since I'm renting my house at the moment I don't want to tailor component values to match my listening environment just yet.

              Thanks for all the help: hopefully the next picture post will be finished pics, but that may be a while.


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                Re: Making my AviaTrix MLTLs

                They look great, love the look of the Purpleheart. I built a similar pair except I used Bubinga for the baffles. Mine had some initial boominess also but was able to remediate with more stuffing, now they sound great. I believe Curt's advice was to start with about 1 lb and adjust from there. As I recall, ended up with about 1-1/2 lbs in each before I got them sounding just right.