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It’s that time audio enthusiasts! Registration for the 2019 Speaker Design Competition is now open! Visit for details and to list your speaker project. We are excited to see all returning participants, and look forward to meeting some new designers this year, as well! Be sure your plans include a visit to the Parts Express Tent Sale for the lowest prices of the year, and the Audio Swap Meet where you can buy and trade with other audio fans. We hope to see you this summer! Vivian and Jill
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My First DIY Build - SB15NRX30-8 & SB26STCN-4 (pic heavy)

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    Re: My First DIY Build - SB15NRX30-8 & SB26STCN-4 (pic heavy)

    *****REVISED 8/28/2015***** after receiving some good input from judges and attendees at this year's MWAF. I was told they didn't have enough mid-bass punch and too much lower bass (muddy?). So I went back to the drawing board and revised the XO focusing on increasing the BSC (went from 3db to a 4.5db average in the 300-500 region) and reworked the XO to get the flattest response while keeping the XO count within reason. I still have a 2nd order on the woofer and 3rd on the tweeter. The updated XO resulted is a much better overall tone and smooth sound and I can listen for hours without any fatigue. But another important factor I considered was that they needed to play any kind of music and still have no fatigue, which now they do - MP3, FLAC, Pandora, even youtube sounds good. I have updated the pictures and some graphs to the new design and removed the previous version, because I don't think it merits retention. I will continue to update the graphs as I get them converted to pics.
    Thanks for everyone's input at MWAF, it was a great learning experience and showed me just how much more I have to learn about this hobby.

    The "SB's" build page