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Dayton Clasic Revival - 2015 Build

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    Originally posted by brial05 View Post
    Finally after four years .....

    89 Hz @ just 38.8 decibels with the most pleasing sound I've ever experienced.
    My meter tells and shows me I can get same from my other speakers around the house, PSBs included, but they all are missing something .. something that these Dayton Classic Revivals achieve so stunningly.

    Nice work! But I suspect you have the SPL measurement off. 39dB is absurdly quiet, like a quiet library.


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      Originally posted by brial05 View Post
      [B]I know not all of the drivers have not been available for this build for a long time
      First, nice job! Second, I think alot of people think the drivers are not available, probably the mid is what they think they cannot get. Actually all the drivers are available, including the mid


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        Originally posted by badman View Post

        Nice work! But I suspect you have the SPL measurement off. 39dB is absurdly quiet, like a quiet library.
        Hi badman,

        Thank you so much, in fact thank you to everyone for your comments!

        SPL not off at all, nothing wrong there ....

        That was graph was a snap taken from Willie Nelson's "I have to be crazy" via Tidal/Sonos ... FLAC 16/44 ... Music Fidelity v90 DAC .... small little NAD 316BEE.

        You can see the song is generally louder than the 38dB but there is this little bass line .. my take away being that these speakers at low volume are simply incredible.

        James Taylor's "Something in the way she moves" ...... Rickie Lee Jones "A lucky guy" .... all examples of low volume listening 'newness' with the Dayton Classic Revivals.