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Don't Forget to Submit Your Projects

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  • Don't Forget to Submit Your Projects

    Hey guys! I just wanted to remind you that we are always taking submissions for our project gallery and if we use your project, you'll receive a nice little bonus from Parts Express!

    Please note that we do need instructions and images in order to post, so it does take a little effort to complete the form found in our project gallery, but it's also a great way to share your designs.

    Let me know if you have any questions and as always thank you so much for supporting the DIY Speaker Building Community!

    Ecommerce at Parts Express

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    What are the guidelines? Do all components need to be PE sourced? I do a lot of projects but often have the woofers from elsewhere (I prefer pro-style large woofers as well as having a soft spot for vintage drivers and have many of both), but don't want to write things up to have them rejected (also helpful would be to understand what the "carrot" is- a store credit would be cool depending on value).


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      To answer your question, no - not all parts have to be sourced from Parts Express, but we do link to ones which are from PE. If you look through our gallery, you'll see the variety of items posted.
      Ecommerce at Parts Express