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JBL 4311B Studio Monitor *PIC*

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  • JBL 4311B Studio Monitor *PIC*

    I have a set of these. The tweets and mids are blown. Looking for either direct or Substitution drivers. I would not like to have to spend a lot of money. No more than 150 for the drivers.

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    More Info On this speaker *PIC*

    Just more info in this speaker


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      More Info On this speaker *PIC*

      Just more infor on this speaker


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        Re: More Info On this speaker

        As you probably already know, these speakers are collectors items for the vintage crowd and the cost of replacement drivers won't likely be cheap. There are a pair of the LE5-2 alnico midranges on Ebay right now and they are going cheap...for now. There's also a pair of the tweeters with at $78/Buy It Now. I would jump on them quickly though.


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          JBL Midrange Reconing

          I can recone JBL LE5-2 midrange drivers... runs about $55.00 each.

          Even though it's more expensive than these drivers can be bought "working" from Ebay sometimes, I'd STILL recommend reconing them. IME, ALL of the LE5-2s with factory cones/voice coils (ie, never reconed) will probably eventually FAIL... due to environmentally-related failure of the glue that holds the voice coil to the voice coil former in these. I've seen these, upon tear-down, that had perfect-looking coils, that were just PLAIN LOOSE from the voice coil former itself...

          As for the tweeter- that's a little harder. Recone kits for these are available from JBL, but they're like $100 each. Probably better to find good used ones...

          BTW: I'm located in Marietta GA USA... despite the UK webmail address...