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Help with a 3 way build

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  • Help with a 3 way build

    Hello all,

    I have been wanting to build a 3 way project for a long time. I am hoping the knowledgeable members of this forum can help me. I am doing this for a learning experience, at the moment I lack measuring tools.

    So this is what I am starting with I have dayton rs100-8 for the mids and I was thinking about using the DC28F for the tweeter. I am not sure what woofer would be a good match.

    I would like something with decent output, be able to handle 100 watts of so. Also be able to dig deep in the bass region, maybe a large woofer?

    This is just in the idea stages right now so I would appreciate any suggestions.

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    Well (IMO) your mid will be your limiting factor due to its low sensitivity. Seems like a lower sensitivity "sub" would work well, like Tang Band's W6-1139F. Cross near 300/3000Hz.


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      Thanks, this should get me started. When matching drivers, Like the mid and woofer is sensitivity the only thing to be matched or is there other parameters to look at?

      How about tweeters is it purely preference?