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Continuum sub and amp?

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  • Continuum sub and amp?

    Hey Guys,

    This is mainly a post for Jeff but if anyone else could chime in that would be great!

    I was looking at ordering a continuum kit, but figured I might as well order a potential diy amp and sub all in the same go since shipping to Canada is insane! Anyways unfortunately Jeff's continuum sub parts are no longer available and was looking for recommendations for an alternative sub build. Secondly I was hoping to get some recommendations for an amplifier that would pair nicely be it diy or otherwise.

    Thanks so much!

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    Bumping this up


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      Can you give us an idea of the price you want to spend, the size you want to keep it and what and where it'll be used. This information would be vital in recommending anything to you. I know the continuum was a 12" sealed sub with an f3 down to 23hz. Are these the specs you're after?
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