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Headphones/ear buds recommendations for laptop

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  • Headphones/ear buds recommendations for laptop

    I don't use either and have no knowledge of what to recommend but my younger grandson wants a pair with a 3.5-mm connector for listening to music from his laptop while at work. He doesn't want them to have a microphone, wants decent fidelity and a maximum price of $100. I'd sure appreciate recommendations to forward to my grandson. When I worked (retired 13 years ago) headphones and radios for playing music were strictly forbidden because we were there to work, not to be entertained!.

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    Hi Paul. At the low end of the scale ($9.00 range), I have been pleased with Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud Headphones RP-HJE120-D. Available in many colors from Amazon, good fit, decent comfort, nice sound. I see PE also sells some earbuds, but I have not heard them.

    For work I prefer something that is inexpensive so if they get lost or biggy, just get another pair, and less tempting for thieves, too.



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      I second marvin's recommendation, as I recently picked up a pair of the Panasonics as well.
      Not as good as the $30 Skullcandy buds they replaced in terms of bass response and noise isolation, but I won't mind if I have to replace them at the same rate (went through 3 pairs of SC in 4 years due to the connection to one bud or the other failing + unable to repair).

      PS: our "team leader" actually recommends that we wear headphones to drown out distraction (which a lot of times is primarily him trying to talk over top of others on conference calls) + improve productivity/sanity. I'm not a fan of this "guidance."


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        I'll be the first to recommend some over the ear headphones. I've always been a fan of the Audio Technica headphones and the M30x and M40x would both be in your price range.
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          I tend to prefer the ear plug style ear buds, generally the bass is quite good since they seal the ear canal and couple better. They isolate you very well too, which is great for what I need but may be a problem at work when you can't hear anyone trying to get your attention. I suppose that depends on what he's doing. Walking around in a warehouse with fork trucks... bad idea.

          I requested Sennheiser CX 300-II as an upgrade from my Samsung OEM jobs for hitting the gym and playing drums. Unfortunately it's close to Christmas so the wife appears to be hiding them from me for now, or I'd have an experienced opinion. The online reviews were pretty good, about as good as you can get in the $20 range. There are plenty options up scale from there.
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            Thanks, everyone, good suggestions so far.


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              I use these at work.

              Only mine say 580. Either way, corded + bluetooth. Best of both worlds. Most, if not all laptops have bluetooth now. No cords needed, but if wanted, it can always be used.


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                Ive had some monoprice over the ear units for a couple of years and really enjoy them. Comfortable, affordable, and perform well. One feature that I really like is that the cord plugs in at the cans as well. No reason to coil the cord and eventually break it off. Cord goes bad, it is easily replaced.


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                  I have a pair of now-discontinued Sennheiser MX560 ear buds. These are the old hang-down type that I found comfortable for long term use. They don't seal at all, of course, but I seldom wanted them for that, I have other, better cans for that. I got them half price at the old Tweeter store when it was closing down, $39 suggested I think. Excellent sound for cheap. I'm still surprised at the relatively neutral sound of these. Sennheiser is always at the top of my wish list.

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                    You (or he) may find this guide helpful...


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                      Originally posted by Eternal Student View Post
                      I'll be the first to recommend some over the ear headphones. I've always been a fan of the Audio Technica headphones and the M30x and M40x would both be in your price range.
                      Audio Technica makes nice stuff in the $100 price range.

                      If you could go outside of your budget slightly, I'd highly recommend some refurbished M50x's for $112 on amazon.
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                        Earl Geddes recommends these:

                        I tried them and found them a little large for my ears, but I'm hard to fit for earbuds or IEMs.
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                          A late addition to the list, I listened to a pair of sennheiser hd202 phones tonight and for $25 they are very impressive. They are lacking a little weight in the vocals but are overall very balanced and non fatiguing.


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                            I like Etymotic in-ear 'phones, particularly for noisy environments. The ear pieces block out background noise which means you can have an enoyable listening experience at considerably lower volumes. If your grandson needs to be sort of aware of what's going on around him, then this style may not be the best choice.


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                              I have three pairs at my desk in an open plan office. Most of the time I use a pair of in-ear-monitors (earbuds), my preference being some high end Westone UM Pro series (which unfortunately start at about $150). Shure SE215 are also a solid bet and under the price limit at $90. I haven't tried the Dayton offerings.

                              IEMs are generally unbeatable in their ability to attenuate noise around you, esp. when properly fitted. Many people, however, cannot handle IEMs in their ears for short or long durations. Additionally, IEMs are subtle, when I want my coworkers to notice that I'm actively trying to isolate myself from workplace noise I go big...

                              Which means I pull out either the "standard studio grade" Sony MDR7506 headphones ($80, has the 3.5mm plug), or I go really big with a simple pair of earmuffs, the 3M Peltor H10A 105 or the theoretically better X5A. These are both about $20 and don't play music, but they are effective and durable. I've given at least two pairs of the ear muffs to coworkers. The Peltors are also well-regarded for hearing protection.