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Cat 5 ethernet as speaker wire?

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  • Kornbread
    The thread is a bit old, but it shows you how I wove mine. Capacitance and inductance can be altered by the way in which they are connected. And I assume the tightness of the weave? A Google search of Polk Cobra audio cables will give you plenty of reading materiel, and maybe a few burning amp horror stories.

    The way my cables are connected (higher capacitance) and woven (loose weave) vs the tight weave of the Cobra cable, I'd say they may be considerably lower capacitance than the Cobra cables. So far, I've had no problem with any of my amps, nor did the hifi store where they stayed on display for a while, but they were never driving hard loads like ribbons, and they have never been connected to any of the cheap tripath amps laying around here. I can just see one of those cheap little amps going up in smoke. Once the factory smoke gets out, it's hard to put back in.

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  • mzisserson
    Originally posted by Stickboy2k View Post
    I have seen some people braid 8 wire ethernet cable to make speaker cable.
    I was wondering if just splitting one cables 8 wires into 2 4 wire connections would work for 25-20 foot runs?

    Anyone have any thoughts?
    No. Way too capacitave AND inductive. It has been known, too, to really mess with some amps.

    Most guys will say there is no difference bwtween a coat hanger and Cat5 so long asthe gauge is ok, however based on the simple fact that anything WAY outside the middle of the bell (in terms of material, construction, cost, ect) becomes hard to quantify technicaly and qualify sonically, you are best off sticking with the known.

    Stick with good rope braid, or if you want to get fancy, Litz wire is a nice upgrade. Outside there, it becomes anywhere between propellor-head and sheer tomfoolery.

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