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Knocked the dust off.. built something spectacular. :)

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  • Knocked the dust off.. built something spectacular. :)

    Hey fellas,
    My company has been throwing the idea around of incorporating some bluetooth speakers into our products; these speakers are relatively small, so LACKING in the bass department. Well, I couldn't just sit by and let that slide. So.. a bluetooth subwoofer had to happen, plus; I've just been chomping at the bit to build something again. Job, kids, life... it just drags a guy through the mud. ENOUGH!

    What is it? Well.. it's the acclaimed Tang-Band W5-1138SMF in a down-firing vented configuration. This is being fed by a TPA-3116 running in mono mode (100x1), a 24VDC 5A supply, a Low pass crossover and of course a bluetooth receiver. Needless to say, the folks here drooled over it a little, which makes me happy that I made that top plate out of aluminum. The rest of the cab is your basic lamination stack-up build, covered in maple veneer and hit with a pecan polyurethane stain. Generally speaking, I think I won with this one.


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    Looks awesome! Do we get to see the guts too?


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      Nice lookin' speaker for sure!
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        Pretty.... looks very pro


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          I remember the superb job you did on your Overnight Sensations when Paul first designed them. You certainly haven't lost your chops!

          Bill Schneider


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            Originally posted by WWWJD View Post
            ... Job, kids, life... it just drags a guy through the mud.

            I think I won with this one.
            It'll get better.

            You did.

            Very, very nice sub.


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              You have been missed!

              Great design!


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                Nice design conception and flawless execution. very pro.

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                  Very attractive.


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                    Looks very professional

                    I, too, would like to see more construction details.


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                      That's so cool!
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                        Spectacular looking!! Surely you have more than just this one pic from the build?? I would love to see the details just like some of the other guys.
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                          How did you do the top plate? Shoot the entire thing black then machine away to reveal the aluminum? It looks great.


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                            Wow that's awesome! Wish I had construction skills that good!


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                              Awesome - the Reuleaux triangle happens to be the symbol used by my alma mater, so I really like it.
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