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Newb question-- thinking of building voxel sub

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  • Newb question-- thinking of building voxel sub

    Firstly, I have to thank everyone for creating a productive forum with a good balance of fun and politeness.

    I've started on building a set of Overnight Sensations for a friend, and Quarks for myself.
    However, I've sorta gotten hooked.

    This is way, way, way more easy to build than guitars (my other hobby), way faster to do, and way cheaper.
    Also, unlike guitars, pretty much everyone and their grandma can use unusually great sounding speakers!
    I'd like to make a set of minions (once the drivers are back in stock) and a thinner version of the voxel.

    My question:

    As long as I keep the internal dimensions the same, is there a limit to how thin I can make the cabinet?

    Can I make things 3" thick, and just expand out the other dimensions?
    I'd like to hide this behind my desk for the many afterhours I'm stuck doing paperwork.

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    The dimensions can be changed to an extent. The driver is vented which means it will need a little bit of room behind it for the vent to breath properly. Another thing to take into consideration is by changing the dimensions, you may impact the tuning using the original ports Paul designed the Voxel with. If the ports get to close to walls, the tuning can change. This could be adjusted by adding or decreasing the length of the ports but you would need something like the DAT's hardware to confirm your tuning. As long as you maintain the same volume and take these other things into consideration, it should be fine. Good Luck and welcome to the Forum.
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      Hey, I can use one of your guitars if you don't want them.
      Isn't it about time we started answering rhetorical questions?

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        Don't tempt me to build you one. I'm 5 years behind on my build list.

        I appreciate your work on designing these things.
        I'd have to meet up with you to see what style/string length/wood/bracing/tension suits you.

        Maybe after my next 4?


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          On a side note, feel free to PM me if you want to build your own guitar.
          It's a bit trickier, since the tolerances are a lot tighter.
          However, there's minimal joinery (scarf joint on the headstock, and bolted mortise for the neck).

          Most guitars (Martin tradition) have a main driver and a passive radiator (back).
          The double back guitars of the classical era had a seperate back for more power.
          These are tuned to be sympathetic normally, but not too sympathetic (wolf notes).