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OT: A small rant on computer company/need some advice on next step

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    We have 3 Lenovo laptops and I have a Thinkpad 8 tablet at my house and we're very happy with all of them, never had any issues. One of the laptops is from 2008 (and it was a low end model at time) and it still works just fine running Windows 10.


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      Get in touch with the attorney general of your state and the state where the work was done. They can help settle this dispute and maybe lead to an investigation. This could be a more "common" practice.
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        Originally posted by mattk View Post
        Talk with your local tv news, they usually have some reporter assigned to consumer affairs and getting money back
        +1. I've done this before for a particularly nasty incident. One e-mail to the reporter with my story and evidence and the company caved immediately and compensated for my trouble.


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          Actually, this is mail fraud. You did not authorise them to take whatever they wanted from your bank account whenever they wanted. Talk to an attorney(don't worry, all legitimate lawyers will give you the first consult gratis(or they are not legit & need to be reported to your local bar association). They can steer you to whoever can help before you have to resort to a lawsuit- there may even be a class-action underway against Lenovo if this is happening to others.
          Do not ever put up with behavior like this, a refund is not sufficient, nor is a private apology.
          As to reporters, you want to talk to reporters where you are, and where they are(where their employees see/hear it).
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          On a more pleasant note, thanks again for the mids. Best, David