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  • muting speakers during page

    I have an audio system at work that we enjoy for our department. It consists of a FM tuner, IPhone, Yamaha stereo mixer, EV ZLX12p speakers . We also have a seperate paging system that runs over the entire facility. It's been suggested that our audio speakers be muted during a page from the paging system in case there's an emergency. One of the guys said we could use a relay that cuts power to the speakers during a page. Is this safe to cut off power to the speakers when music is playing and then have power restored say 10 seconds later? Or is there a better way to do this?


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    Perhaps you can insert an Audio Ducker? ( example Rolls DU30b )
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      Originally posted by Sydney View Post
      Perhaps you can insert an Audio Ducker? ( example Rolls DU30b )
      Yep, RDL makes one too (ST-VP2). The RDL is mono, so you'd need 2 of them. Plus, the Rolls has RCA in/out, so it looks like the better choice anyway.