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Replacement midrange for Celestion 11

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  • Replacement midrange for Celestion 11

    One woofers on my old Celestion's has died. Its the downstairs living room set of speakers not the giant electronically crossed hand made Line Array( two 12 inch woofers, 32 3.5 inch midranges, 64 dome tweeters that is upstairs in the music room). Looking at the potential of the other speakers it looks like they were sensitivity of about 89. I don't know the crossovers so I needed a a wide range speaker. I am replacing both of course, and purchased a set of Dayton DA-215-8 8 inch aluminum cone woofer, which look to be just right. The system has a titanium dome tweeter and a poly cone 4 inch midrange. I might want to replace the 4 middie, and am leaning to a Dayton Dome. I'm sure that anything above the price of 15 bucks will beat what's in it, and I have a limit of about $40 for it. Again it has to be in the sensitivity range of about 89, 8 ohm, and wide range but especially flat in the typical midrange area.

    Or perhaps someone actually knows what the crossover of the old celestions looked like. An extensive internet search produced nothing.

    Anything more complex and I might as well replace everything and put in a subwoofer too.

    Any thoughts?
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