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I have been eying the Zaph Audio SR71

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  • I have been eying the Zaph Audio SR71

    I like that it uses a 7" driver, has a 0.5cf enclosure, and is sub $400. The SEAS Mimir is very similar.

    Also if it matters, this will be run off a chipamp LM3886 Dual Mono amp.

    Is there any designs I should look at?

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    ER18DXT would be quite similar in price/size/performance - can't say which one sounds better, but ER18DXT will have more even power response/smoother transition from woofer to tweeter in terms of off-axis frequency response...

    If I was determined to build a pair of one or the other, I would first build one of each and see which I liked better.
    "...this is not a subwoofer" - Jeff Bagby ;)


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      I built Mark K's ER18DXT about 7 years ago in a PE 0.5 cf curved box. They still enjoy daily service. I normally operate them with a 10" sub in a sealed 1 cf box. It is a great combo.