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    Hey. I'm back to building a few speakers, and thought I would try something different. I thought hey? i have a 3d printer. I can custom print my ports to my own specs. Anyone done this?
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    You could, but except for flanges, plain old PVC pipe or plastic electrical conduit work just as well. Just my 2 cents worth.


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      Originally posted by hobbyhands View Post
      ... i have a 3d printer. I can custom print my ports to my own specs. Anyone done this?
      Don't know; I thought the Triangular Ports were nice looking and efficient use of corner space. ( similar to a Carvin Bass cabs )

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        Perfect port?
        So I'm reading the Harman paper on ports, here is a link: They test various theories regarding flare radius, power compression, harmonic distortion, surface roughness, etc. They come up with a Normalized Flare Radius relating the flare radius to the port length: NFR = port length/ 2(flare radius), 0 < NFR < 1 where 0 is a straight pipe and 1 is a full flare. After a number of tests of the previously mentioned properties,


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          It might be nice to be able to make something between a circular tube and a rectangle. You see some oval shaped ports on commercial gear such can look nice. Or maybe even just a rounded rectangle. Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
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