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concrete speakers by Master and Dynamic

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  • concrete speakers by Master and Dynamic

    Haven't been around all that much since my daughter was born 6 months ago, but I saw this article and thought of you guys. Some day I am going to make some concrete speaker enclosures...

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    I have the M&D MH40 headphones and apart from being a bit heavy they are just fantastic headphones.
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      I've seen concrete used in a spherical speaker in the 1980s, sold by Encel Electronics in Australia. I forget the brand name, unfortunately, but it was a British design. The same make also built a cylindrical design with mainly aluminium construction, but neither sols very well.

      The concrete speakers were about one foot in diameter with a flat front for the drivers, it was a two way. The concrete was mixed with polystyrene balls to try and reduce the weight. They sounded pretty good but were designed to sit on the floor and were angled up so that the sound would bounce around like a Sonab, also from that era.

      I thought it was a cool idea until I picked one up, weighed about 50 pounds!

      People have also used those concrete garden blocks for the front and back of speakers but of course the baffle size is limited. !

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        Rauna of Sweden used to make concrete enclosures, including a cool looking floor stander that looked somewhat like a deck vent on a ship.


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          And it is only $1800 (Qty 1). With one tweeter, is this stereo sound? Looks cool....


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            You'll need 2 of them for stereo sound...
            "The large print giveth and the small print taketh away." -Tom Waits


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              It is not clear if they are selling a secondary "slave" speaker which connects to the networked speaker. It has a 100W Class D 3 Discrete Channels amp, not sure how the 3 channels are used.