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Do you know any "Perfect Songs"?

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    Another one: Here Comes the Sun, Beatles.

    In 1964 I watched the Beatles on Ed Sullivan with my parents. My father said it was the worst thing he'd ever seen. Two weeks later they gave me the Meet the Beatles album and a turntable. Thorens td 124.
    10 years later, Abby Road was his favorite album. I still have that album, sure wish I still had the table!


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      One of numerous covers of Perpetuum Mobile performed by Tamás Petró:
      "Not a Speaker Designer - Not even on the Internet"
      "If the freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter."


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        My personal tastes vary and even more so as I have grown older. For me the "perfect" song is simply one that brings me into the music, where I feel engaged in the lyrics. I guess that is part of the reason I gravitate to those tracks that tell a story. Or edify the soul.

        The night before InDIYana, my wife and I attended "Riverdance" and I found myself drawn into the music. It was emotional, huge, and technically correct. The sound system left a bit to be desired, but the music shown through none the less. My daughter being a budding dancer I am sure helped as well LOL. Yes, I bought the CD and I have been playing it constantly!

        Short list:

        Jim Croce "The Lost Recordings"
        John Fogarty "Premonition"
        Johnny Cash "The Legend of Johnny Cash" (Hurt)
        Kathy Mattea "Coal" (Black Lung)
        Lecrae "Rehab" (Check Me In)
        Ludovico Einaudi "Diverine" (Diverine)
        Phil Collins "In The Air Tonight"
        Rush "Working Man" (Tom Sawyer)
        Toby Mac "This Is Not a Test" (Til The Day I Die)
        And a whole bunch of 80s Metal and hair bands LOL


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          The most excellent Bonnie Raitt - Hear Me Lord, love the solos in the middle
          Joe Bonamassa in an acoustic mood at Vienna Opera House - Jockey Full Of Bourbon
          Post Modern Jukebox cover of Steal My Girl ft. Jeffery James
          Post Modern Jukebox cover of Rude. Von Smith got some pipes.


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            Yes - Gates of Delerium
            Devin Townsend - Stormbending
            Dream Theater - Misunderstood
            Mahogany Rush - The Answer
            Tony Rice Unit - Common Ground

            Many more but I'll stop here
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              Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
              Nutshell - MTV Unplugged - Alice In Chains
              Overture - Within Temptation with Metropole Orchestra
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                Hello Audio Experts!
                How about a perfect "album"?
                How about Bizet, "Carmen". Orchestre du theatre National de L'Opera, Georges Pretre, Nicolai Gedda, and...Maria Callas!



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                  Being more of a metal head,

                  UFO Rock bottom, Lights out, and Love to Love ( from Strangers in the night )

                  Van Halen Light up in the sky & D.O.A

                  White Zombie Thunder Kiss 65

                  Ted Nugent Stranglehold & Paralyzed

                  Slash Anastasia

                  REO 157 Riverside ave & Ridin the Strom out ( Live you what you play for)

                  Megadeth Die Dead Enough

                  Kiss 1 00,000 Years & Detroit Rock City

                  Heart Crazy on you & Barracuda

                  GNR Welcome to the Jungle & Sweet Child o" mine

                  Golden Earring Radar Love

                  Foo Fighters Walk & Everlong

                  Deep Purple Burn

                  Danzig Mother

                  Cheap Trick On Top of the World & Surrender

                  Cars My Best Friends Girl & Just what I needed

                  Black Sabbath Never Say Die & Symptom of the Universe & Iron Man & Paranoid & Black Sabbath

                  Bad Company Bad Company

                  ACDC Let there be Rock & Thunderstruck & Back In Black & Shoot To Thrill & Highway to Hell & You Shook Me All Night Long

                  Sorry got a little carried away!


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                    I have to add this one: Dire Straits' Sultans of Swing at the BBC


                    It really swings, there's a great groove and it doesn't outstay its welcome



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                      'My personal tastes vary and even more so as I have grown older. For me the "perfect" song is simply one that brings me into the music, where I feel engaged in the lyrics. I guess that is part of the reason I gravitate to those tracks that tell a story. Or edify the soul."

                      give this a try

                      Roberta Flack - First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 1972



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                        all great tracks, some how i think my favorites would be umm.... banned, LOL


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                          Velvet Underground- Sweet Jane
                          Etta James- At Last


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                            Back in Black AC/DC
                            Super Freak Rick James
                            bailero - chants d'auvergne
                            Boys keep swinging David Bowie


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                              I can't say this has the Hong Seal of Approval (HSOA), but

                              Perfection (epscially startinfg at about 2:32) :

                              More perfection:

                              Still more:

                              And one more :
                              Sausage With Meat Sause, Please


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                                The emotional transmission is also a very good criteria (to me). It depend also of your "style tolerance", my list voluntary "black to white"
                                Pink floyd - high hopes
                                Don Felder - heavy metal DwU5LXUmk&index=6
                                oard of canada - new seeds
                                Ayreon -Ride the comet
                                Remeau - Danse des sauvages but the problem with classic is the variety of interpretation for the same track, i will just post this one, but there so much perfect song in the classical register!
                                Dire Straits - Telegraph Road
                                Kavinsky - nightcall
                                Doors -riders on the storm
                                Feu! Chatterton - Boeing
                                and finally the one which transport you somewhere, it make some time, but in the end it always work, just stay patient, tolerant and think to nothing pachanga boys - time,

                                Please all, take the time to post the youtube link, it is so much appreciated for the other to listen directly a new song (you can edit your post :D)

                                But hey, I just think, there is no perfect song to me, it depend of too much criteria that depends of each taste, so the perfection is very subjective. Of course all the songs we post are good, but mine are certainly not perfect for some... if there is a perfect song, to me it is only the silence, because it reveal all the other, but it's a philosophic thing ^^ . Paul are you really in the quest of the perfect song ? or are just a little lazy (or just blocked) to find new good song to play on your (beauty of ) speaker :p? Anyway I like this kind of post, it very rich of value -and cost nothing- for everyone! But hey, think to the youtube audio quality, it is only 192khz... keep in mind :D and play loud real HQ track!