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best 4" - 5" driver for free air in truck

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  • best 4" - 5" driver for free air in truck

    I have a strange situation, I want to put speakers in the b pillar of a truck. There is a chamber behind where I want to mount the driver but it is open at the bottom and is very near the listening position. Any suggestions?

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    I think what you're saying is that the space behind the driver will be very large. If so, you'd like a driver with a higher Qts value, like 0.6-0.8 or even higher up to 1.0 or even 1.1.


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      Use a high Q driver, and if the result is boomy stuff the chamber with polyfill.


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        Thanks for both replies, The chamber will be around 0.15 cubic feet, but open at the bottom. I think the idea of stuffing with polyfill might do the trick. It would keep the soundwaves that bounce off the rear of the driver from interfering with the sound from the front.


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          K -

          depending on the exact space and your audio needs for the speaker, one of these should work well for you:

          3 inch

          4 inch

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