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Build Log, Definitions or Cherry Bombs

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  • Build Log, Definitions or Cherry Bombs

    Concept, Active/Passive Hybrid sorta PA style build. MiniDSP will be used between the woofer/sub and coaxial top end. Passive between mid and compression driver. Drivers (All Eminence) Definimax 4012ULF-8, Beta8CX, and N151M8. I will be using an Adcom GFA555 bridged to drive the 4012s so about 325w/ea and an old Kenwood M1 (?) to drive the tops. Woofers will get 2 cubes ported with an fb of about 36Hz. Beta8 sees .65 cubes sealed.

    Enclosures are 33"H, 18"D, 16.5W on the front, 12.5"w at the back. Material is all 3/4" 11ply birch. Pocket screws throughout. The top. bottom, and baffle will also get an additional 1/2" layer of mdf. Still debating on the finish. One option I am considering is Rustoleum Rock Solid garage floor 'Cherry Bomb" finish. It is pricey consider how much of it I will actually be using. And I am not sure yet how it will work on the ply. So I am still searching for possibilities. A few pics for now. Hope to have the enclosures in final glue up next week Click image for larger version

Name:	Def2.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

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    Looking good, keep up the great work.


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      Wish I could hear them!
      I'm a big fan of BB ply, although I usually cover it with paint or veneer.
      You might try a stain or semi-transparent "candy apple" look.

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        More work accomplished. I have more pics, but apparently the rest are over 2meg. Go figure. I will post a few more later.


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            Unfortunately, I have been down for a couple of days. Chest cold and pulled back muscles. Darn! Monday then the sides go on.


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                Sanding, roundover, and primer/sealer next.


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                  For someone ailing, you do a boat load of work.
                  And pretty.

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                    I'm really interested to see what results you can get out of that Beta 8CX driver...
                    Brian Steele


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                      Thanks Kenny. Doing much better now. They are essentially complete save sanding, priming/sealer, and roundovers. Should be coming home on Mon next week. Then on to testing.