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Dayton Audio DC28FT-8 1-1/8" Silk Dome Truncated Tweeter

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  • Dayton Audio DC28FT-8 1-1/8" Silk Dome Truncated Tweeter

    It's been awhile.
    Thought I would break down, get some tweeters for a build.
    I have these Peerless sds in storage for awhile!!

    I would actually have to check the model number. Not sure I will be able to get the response graph or other helpful files!
    Anyways I noticed a recent build with this tweeter that it was in a lower power system.

    This is going to be a MTM. LCRs. These woofers have a high power handling between them. We'll supposedly so does the tweeter? Obviously not reference here. Lower price drivers, but supposedly a fairly smooth response from both drivers.

    Anyone know if a similar build with my drivers. My search was not good.

    Anyway off the top I was thinking the crossover will be locked around 2500 Hz. Thinking 2nd order.
    In this case I don't see a problem starting with an off the shelf crossover. 2nd order 2500hz, Linkwitz Riley. Not sure if there's a phase shift for tweeter with L.R. 2nd order. Recommendations anyone? Maybe higher order protection for the tweeter, in this approx. 100 watt rms each channel setup? This would give me the PVC board and any additional components I can solder or add to it..
    Not sure if I should add a Zobel on the tweeter and/or series notch filters on both drivers??
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    Also I was reading that MTM d'appolito should be using a 3rd order - 4th order and wired in parallel.
    Mine will be in series with two 4ohm.
    Found a project here for MTM using series also but with 1 center abd 8 ohm drivers


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      As I understand it, D'appolito eventually ended up preferring an LR4 crossover. For my MTM setup that is also my preference.


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        Ya just read that now too. Years ago! Forgot!!
        Is it that bad to wire in series for this style?
        Reading about directivity issues.
        " sudden change in directivity with frequency"


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          I don't think series or parallel is important, as long as you still have the woofer sensitivity you'll need to achieve the necessary baffle step compensation (BSC).


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            Will see how it goes.
            Looking for a 3.1 config.
            With the 6 - 4 ohm woofers / 3 - 8 ohm tweeterrs.
            I think I have 6 mids. 4 ohm?
            2 - 8 ohm Peerles HDS Woofers.
            Set on the 3.1. Deal with the issues!
            Ah, fig on something soon..


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              I might stick to the 3.1 system in mind for the 6.5" Peerless with the tweets. It does say a MTM 8 ohm is a good choice on the spec page.Figures!!
              I owned a few cheap MTMs, Klipsch SLX, Paradigms and others. I liked the Paradigms the best. I know they might not turn out as finely tuned. Klipsch the box resonance was horrible.
              Heard the Peerless briefly and liked the sound.
              Well rack my brain another day off with some design software!! No more MTM's. Last 1!!!
              Saving the 8 ohm HDS for awhile with a 2 way and different tweets!


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                There'd be nothing wrong w/using those 5" woofers in a series MTM (w/Dayton's "Silky" tweeter). They should be able to reach around 60Hz w/a pair in a 1 cu.ft. box w/a 3"id x 4" long port.

                That driver is very flat except for a nasty breakup (+6dB) between 4-5 kHz. Better off crossing closer to 2k than 2.5. Most likely need a custom XO design (using a "notch" (or "tank") filter) due to the breakup.


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                  These are dual 4ohm 6.5" paper. Sealed enclosure.
                  Going to have to test with a mic. Unless Parts E. Has the file somewhere.
                  I think I may throw in dual 4 ohm (3" -3.5"?) poly midbbass's.
                  Maybe not a good material match?
                  Not sure yet, have to check specs and if I have a Freq.R. chart :/ dig them out of storage!
                  This would be good for better crossover points.

                  I was thinking about polar response. Lobing.
                  Im going to see what I can come up with in WinPCD.
                  How do I get an idea for what polar response is good for LCR channels. I don't think that software will take it into account.
                  I know it can be tested after. When it's too late!!


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                    Found the other drivers.
                    So. I have.
                    6 Peerless 6.5" SDS 4 ohm sensitivity 89.5
                    (No F.R. response data yet) Lost it somewhere!!


                    6 Peerless midbbass's 4ohm sensitivity 86.25
                    (No F.R.D.)

                    3 Dayton tweeters 8 ohm as mentioned sensitivity 89 (F.R.D., yes)

                    At least the 4.5" are Peerless. I'm not sure how the upper mids are. Sensitivity is a little lower.
                    Would it be a bad match paper and PPB?
                    Is it worth to use the 4.5 mids as long as the frequency is acceptable? What is it 3 way..500 -800 / 2000- 3000

                    Not a big deal to leave out. I could use them for another project.


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                      Maybe I can use those mids.
                      No gain wiring in series! Luckily no loss.
                      Maybe I can get some good results with bandpass gain and baffle step.
                      See how it goes in WinPCD. Haven't used it yet.
                      Think I'll learn it quick after using Speaker Workshop a couple years ago.
                      K..I'll keep posts for the project page now!!


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                        Slow process!
                        3 way vertical LCR channels.
                        Maybe, during Fall/Winter.


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                          I'd take advantage of those "flats", and get the drivers as close as possible - at least the MTM section.
                          (not to be a d*ck, but you DO understand the diff. between a "series" XO topology and simply wiring a pair of drivers in series - as one part of a parallel config., right?)


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                            That's actually the back. My front is a couple inches wider.

                            Ya, my first build so I kept the spacing 1/2" between drivers. Could of went closer. I didn't want any mishaps! Yes, series, no gain in db for my setup, as far as I know.
                            89.5 / 4 0hm Woofers will drop to around 86db in room.
                            My HDS mid roll up from 86db - 90.
                            Tweeter is 89db.
                            I have an eq built in my amp. Think it's only around a 10 band.
                            I'm going to have a hard time because I only have the FRD. file for the Daytime silk. I have a frq. Curve for other drivers but it is only in a graph example.
                            Looks like a good line for the woofer / mid crossover point if I find the optimal pass.
                            Still need a baffel step. If I put baffel step in after. Does it affect my crossover values? I would think, no..

                            Made a circle jig. Ready to cut!


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                              Hard to see. Cutting in a day or two. Base stand is going on the L/R. Center. I may cut smaller.