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    Originally posted by Wolf View Post
    You'd be surprised what they can do. I heard Bryan Keane tried to kill a pair at Iowa one year, and gave them the juice the amp could give. They held their composure! You should likely use a sub for the lows, but they will give you output if you demand it.

    It's a simple design. 4" internal cube stuffed with polyfil with damping foam on the inner rear wall, and a 500uF cap in series with the driver. I used 1/2" material. Either relieve the rear of a thick baffle, rear-mount, or use 0.25" thick baffle material. The driver is the Aura NS3-193-8A, but people have used the Dayton ND90-8 instead with supposedly good performance. Not the last word in fidelity, but the notes on it are cheap and tiny.

    Thank you very much Wolf

    Will be building these. Now I just have to see which driver I will be able to get my hands on easier. Any major differences between either of the two drivers SPL wise and low end?


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      I heard from someone else that the Aura was a bit better at bass, and the Dayton a bit better at the mids and highs. YMMV.
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        Great thread, too bad some of the early links photos seem to be "photo-bucked" and if you squint hard enough you can see what was happening