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    Originally posted by jclin4 View Post
    No bonus points for me, 'cause I have to put forward "Supper's Ready", Genesis, Foxtrot album.
    ​I never got to see Genesis with Peter Gabriel, but I've seen Genesis at least 10 times. Only once did they play Suppers Ready completely
    ​thru. It was magical ,all aspects; SQ was perfect, atmosphere perfect, the venue Forrest Hills Tennis stadium perfect, audience vibe perfect.
    ​Definitely in my top 5 live shows that I've seen. They also had the Tower of Power horn section on stage with them on this tour. It was in
    ​support of the release of the 3 sides live recording, Paper late was the single that got a lot of radio play. So I go along with John on this one.


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      Having played the trumpet, starting in grade school, throughout high school and partly through college, I really like the sound of large jazz bands, and that's the main reason why this CD appeals to me (it was a gift, BTW). OTOH I hardly ever listened to or cared about vocals by anyone, other than the big stars like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennet, etc., and especially not any of the pop-type stars that my peers liked when I was growing up (or any of the current pop stars who seem to only want to cavort around the stage, while lip-synching to a recorded track, amidst pyrotechnics and strobe lights and dancers).

      Originally posted by skatz View Post

      I used to buy some Pat Metheny, but found he didn't excite me much. I listened to the sample of Minuano on the Amazon site and it didn't have much appeal, but that's only a few seconds of an 8 minute track.


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        i get that that some of you said Master of Puppets - Metallica , but for me it was Ride the Lightening ! that album changed my life . Fade to Black , Creeping Death , For Whom the Bell Tolls and the title track are all great songs that tell a story . the fact it was released my freshman year of high-school also played a role .
        Paper Towers
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          Originally posted by filmslayer View Post
          i get that that some of you said Master of Puppets - Metallica , but for me it was Ride the Lightening ! that album changed my life . Fade to Black , Creeping Death , For Whom the Bell Tolls and the title track are all great songs that tell a story . the fact it was released my freshman year of high-school also played a role .

          Yeah, Ride the Lightning is my overall favorite Metallica album. I'll always remember seeing them in '88, before they became too mainstream. They played a 4+ hour set that night. It was my first concert, and I was in 6th grade. Not a bad start...
          Eric L.


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            If I could only choose one Metallica song, I'd have to go with "Master of Puppets" as well. There's just something about it that makes me feel like I'm listening to something special when it comes on. And I never get tired of it.

            While we're talking thrash, another musical journey I don't get tired of is Pantera's "Cemetary Gates," especially the live version, where Phil does good old fashioned screams instead of trying to hit high notes.
            Isn't it about time we started answering rhetorical questions?

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              I only have self-titled and S&M, but I have all 3 'Blackest Album' industrial tribute discs.

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                here's a journey for ya . this blew me away when they released it . Dio with Sabbath !

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                  A few "When the song is over, you feel like you've just been on a journey, and you're eager to go back" Riffs

                  Jeff Beck

                  Steve Stevens

                  Robin Trower


                  Jeff Beck

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                    Originally posted by Paul Carmody View Post

                    I really ought to do another 3-way with a 10" woofer again.
                    Funny you should mention that. Since I lean toward Mid Century Modern style, I (for the last month or so) have been looking for a 3-way kit with a 10" or 12" woofer that is in a vintage format like a JBL L100 but designed with modern techniques and high end drivers. Very hard to come by.

                    I don't want to hijack your thread so i will leave it at that.

                    Kannapolis NC


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                      With the subject title in mind, the band Journey doesn't fit the criteria.
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                        I have to add just one more: Dire Straits, Telegraph Road:

                        How could I forget about this song,: truly a musical journey. It builds and builds, has some funky guitar and rocky bits, then ends in a fantastic guitar solo. Even the sound of the track is great.




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                          Hello Music Experts!

                          Man you folks listen to some atrocious music! This song takes you, and it is very good for sounding out your system too:

                          Grateful Dead, "Death Don't Have No Mercy"

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                            Originally posted by littlebear View Post
                            ...Man you folks listen to some atrocious music! ...
                            tsk, tsk, Dude - WWJS ( What would Jerry Say )

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                              Surprised no one has elected Santana's "Caravanserai"" or if you want to rock out a little more, "Soul Sacrifice."

                              Keeping in the classic rock vein, one of my favorites in this genre would probably be Springsteen's "New York City Serenade," though I suppose "Jungleland" might qualify as well. Or "Rosalita." Or...

                              I think someone may have mentioned Steely Dan's "Aja?"

                              Lots of Genesis choices (mine would be either "In the Cage" or "Duke's Travels").

                              Here are a few off of the beaten path:

                              Erykah Badu, "Green Eyes"
                              Sufjan Stevens, "The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades is Out to Get Us!" (but many tunes on Illinoise would qualify, some perhaps better than this one)
                              Funkadelic, "Maggot Brain" (but lots of Parliament and Funkadelic tunes are stuffed with ideas-- "(Not Just) Knee Deep" coming to mind, among others)
                              Talk Talk, absolutely anything off of "Spirit of Eden"


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                                Obvious ones:

                                Hotel California, Stairway to Heaven, Bohemian Rhapsody, Comfortably Numb

                                Others that may be less obvious (but maybe shouldn't be):

                                Telegraph Road, Sympathy for the Devil, Tin Pan Alley

                                Many by Neil Young: Down by the River, Cowgirl in the Sand, Last trip to tulsa, Powderfinger, after the goldrush, out of the blue AND into the black...could go on...

                                Like lots of the ones listed already by Metallica and Maiden. I would add that many Tool songs would fit this category as well - love how they can build subtly.