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My Son's MWAF Entry: The Black Widows

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    Originally posted by Wolf View Post
    Me likey! I love the Black Widow/red hourglass theme. That's 2 spider-referenced projects I'm aware of; Nephila and Black Widow. I've toyed with shaped cabs such as these before, but I haven't bit the bullet and done one yet.

    Glad you like them Wolf! If we have trouble with the X-overs I may call you for help.


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      Looks like a cool design. I'm sure it will turn out great!


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        Very cool Kole!


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          Originally posted by Navy Guy View Post
          Looks like a cool design. I'm sure it will turn out great!
          Originally posted by rickcraig View Post
          Very cool Kole!
          Thanks guys!


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            Great idea to compare baffle shapes! Looking forward to seeing this come together.


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              Originally posted by Kevin K. View Post

              Very similar Nick. I figured someone had built enclosures in this shape before, we were just hoping no one had used the name and color scheme associated with this shape set. Will you be bringing yours to MWAF?
              Not this year, these ar destine to be a three or four piece system. This year I will be bringing some peanut shaped ones. I look forward to hearing yours.


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                Had a little bit of time to work towards these. Built a normal/traditional style cabinet to be used for comparisons on measurements. It mimics the width of the new "C-Note" cabinets since they use the DSA135 also. The edges were treated with a 1/2" radius. Kole wasn't with me right after these were cut so I assembled the test cabinet for him, he soldered the wires to the drivers and mounted them in the cab that evening. We used a Mini-DSP to apply a quick crossover and I have to say the DSA135's do not disappoint in the bass department. Didn't have time to take any measurements this weekend but will get started on those one evening this week.

                Picked up this little adjustable stand for $30 from HD.


                It works great to get the speaker centered in the room vertically for measurements. The top is a little wobbly due to it only having one pin. Thinking we will drill one more hole for an additional pin or just use a small clamp.

                We'll be getting started on building the Black Widows this next weekend. Had hoped we could build a test cabinet for them also but time is becoming a concern so they will probably end up being the real deals.

                BTW, pretty sure Kole was enjoying himself, he spent a couple of hours alone just listening to some of his music on the new speaker.
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                  Lookin good fellas! I like the father-son duo you've got going on. Looking forward to seeing these in person at MWAF!
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