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    I'm 58 yrs young and up until a couple yrs. ago never ever had any issue with allergies. Well the last couple spring/pollen seasons I have had my dick kicked
    ​in the dirt. This year I am going on 10 days unable to work, think, function. Anyone else with this amount of disfunction .

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      I don't have any allergies... yet. But my wife and son both do and this spring has been brutal. I feel so bad for them.
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        It"s the Chemtrails man. But seriously I am also 58 and never had allergies until about 4 years ago, now sometimes it feels like someone sticks a needle in my nostril and it makes me sneeze big huge wet uncontrollable sneezes. I"m not really debilitated by it unless I take Dyphenhydramine, that stuff makes me feel as you described, I"ve tried Claritan and another antihistamine I cant think of the name but I might as well take an M and M, it does as much good.


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            Originally posted by Dwight View Post
            but I might as well take an M and M, it does as much good.
            I love me some fat pills! Reese's Pieces, M&Ms, Sixlets, etc...

            As to allergies, I didn't really feel much until a couple years ago, and even now it's still pretty mild. I notice my ears plug up more easily than my nose does, and a single daily Loratadine usually keeps me happy.

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              I got tired enough of it that I get allergy shots, which work very well. I would look into it if I were you.


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                I guess I'm lucky I got through my seasonal allergy hell in my youth. Even with this year's pollen assault for the ages, I've been pretty good so far. A couple of days of itchy eyes and the occasional sneeze on the commute home but not too bad overall.

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                  I'm allergic to garlic! It can be very difficult in restaurants....



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                    Oh ya. Allergy's caused same level of issues for me on and off for years. After surgery, antibiotics up to 6x a year to try and clear the sinus' (with their knock on effects), MRI's etc and being sent to specialist after specialist, finally a specialist got me on this daily. Literally life changing (no exaggeration)

                    YMMV but whatcha got to lose? Been there, best of luck, hope you find a solution.


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                      I've had really bad allergies this year, moreso than most of the years I've lived here (8 years in southern indiana). Guessing it has something to do with the mild winter, and sudden spring; caused the plants to bloom very quickly and aggressively this year. I also have allergy induced asthma, which is fun. Wake up wheezing some morning.

                      I tried every allergy medication pill under the sun, none of them worked well enough. But I bought Flonase this year, the nasal spray thing. Helped bunches. Supplement it with a Zyrtec one particularly rough days. It's so far worked quite well, may be worth a shot for other sufferers!


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                        My wife was allergy free her whole life, but near age 58 was diagnosed with "intermittent, mild asthma", possibly seasonally induced, and possibly exercise induced. She now has a rescue inhaler, and takes Symbicort roughly 9 mos out of the year, depending. Seems like it came out of nowhere.


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                          I thought about replying but figured it would jinx me for sure (I'm 76), and I hope just thinking about replying won't jinx me.


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                            I'm 64 and have had the exact same issue. Never one sign of allergies until two years ago. Now, I go thru periods of extreme hay fever type reactions. Also picked up a mild case of asthma. Now that summer is here, I'm doing fine.



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                              62 years young. 1 Zyrtec every day for the past 10 years. Allergy was severe to the point that I had to have sinus surgery to trim turbinates and remove sinus polyps. The Zyrtec decreased my allergy symptoms by 90%. It's now available as a generic, so a lot cheaper than the brand one.
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