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    Just a few thoughts...
    1- could you slot-port out the front sides to remove the port issues?
    2- could you place a pair of side-ways traps flanking the tweeter to eliminate their issues?
    3- would fluid flow/diffraction be an issue for the woofers' cavity resonances? I recall Bill's entry to MWAF one year as having sculpted entries into the horn, and an arcing slot exit right at the horn entrance, and those were almost to the mid-point in the bottom and top horn flare panels whilst being at the extremes in horizontal placement; ei- basically 'at the groove' or 90 degree bend in the horn.

    Of course- I'm just speculating and interested to what you find out...
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      The woofer "box" port is not an issue. The mid and woofer cavity resonances are not in the pass band of the tweeter. Attached are a few pics.

      Sculpting the mid and woofer horn entrances will change the response from the mid and horns. Just based on all the hole changes made yesterday I could not see a response difference I could attribute to different entrance hole thicknesses.

      There are probably some other location changes I could try. I'm at the point where this thing needs to be buildable, so I'm hesitant to go much different. As to moveing items outside the horn, I loose some of the pattern control I'm trying to maintain.
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