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How important is ESR relevant to cap

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  • How important is ESR relevant to cap

    And what is considered low or hi.

    So I used dats to test a 4.6 cap and came out with this.

    I was trying to enter in the value on Xsim. The lowest is allows is 1(R). Also resistance seems to change depending on the frequency so I'm a little confused on which value to enter. Thanks for any help.
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    That seems like a pretty high ESR, a NPE cap right? What's considered high or low is dependent on the type of cap, NPE being highest. As for the Xsim model, I'd use the 1kHz values, and you can simply type a number in the field by entering 1.4.
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      A new electrolytic audio grade cap ESR is in the 1/4 to 1/3 ohm range. A film cap is mili-ohms. Don't get a uber-cheap lytic from one of those electronic supply houses. Buy lytics from P.E. or Madisound or some other speaker parts supplier.
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        I agree with wogg that your measured ESR seems VERY high.

        As for picking a value and using it in XSIM, use the value that is closest to the most appropriate frequency. If you're using that cap in a crossover, near 1-2 kHz, then use the 1 kHz value. If you're going to use the cap to make a notch filter at 8 kHz, for some reason, then use the 10 kHz value, or guesstimate something in between.

        As carlspeak said, a good quality cap will be very low in impedance. A quality film cap will have a low enough ESR that 99.9% of crossover applications won't be affected by the ESR.