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OT: I Had To Put My Dog Down

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  • OT: I Had To Put My Dog Down

    12.5 years ago I became the proud owner of a great dog, Cole, my Chocolate Lab, who eventually grew to be slightly over 100 lbs.

    Actually, he picked me out. My daughter had already selected another puppy, but they were only 4 weeks old - and therefore we kept going to visit her, until they turned 8 weeks old - the point at which they can safely be taken from the litter.

    Each time we went to visit, a certain other puppy would lumber over to me, lick me, and fall asleep in my lap. Same puppy, same thing, every time.

    The litter turned 8 weeks old on Christmas Eve, and we went to pick up the little girl. While I was there, the same male puppy, did the same thing. Intending only to buy one, on an impulse I asked the woman if she was in a deal making mood, as I just decided we also needed the male. The woman made me a great deal, and told me that she noticed that the male puppy had picked me out long ago.

    In the last 12+ years, my life has changed substantially. Over those 12+ years, the ONE constant was Cole, we were always there for one another.

    About two years ago, Cole was diagnosed with arthritis in his spine, hip dysplasia (very common among pure-bred Labs), and some nerve damage. In the last 6 months he declined a lot. In the last week he declined to a shocking and sobering extent.

    My teaming with Cole ended yesterday. He had lost the ability to walk, and could no longer use his back legs. For the last 18 hours, he was doing his best by trying to drag himself around. He had been unable to get comfortable for several days.

    We took Cole Monday morning to get euthanized. Absent my experience with this dog, I could not imagine the amount of pain and anguish this involved.

    The MD prepped him to accept an IV, and brought him to us to love on for the last time. He had been very uncomfortable, but he suddenly put his head in my lap and very clearly calmed down. My wife burst into tears. This was prior to the MD giving Cole the pre-euthanizing agent sedative. He closed his eyes and I think he briefly fell asleep.

    The MD came in and administered the two injections while I was sitting on the floor holding Cole's head in my hands, and stroking him around his face and ears. He passed without any pain and he peacefully slipped away.

    I cried. Hard.

    My wife cried. Hard.

    The MD cried. Hard.

    Love those in your lives, including animals, for the short time you are honored and fortunate enough to have them.
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    So sorry Bro. Been there, it's so tough. Be glad you were there when he needed you most. Hang in there.


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      Sorry for your loss. Similar story here with my last dog, Rudy. It takes a while before it gets any easier. Hang in there.


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        Really sorry for your loss. Sounds like it was a special relationship from day one to the end, he must have passed comfortably.
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          My Newf had the same symptoms and had to put her down. Still think she's walking across the floor when the house creaks. It gets better, but never gone.

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            I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope you and your family can find some comfort in knowing Cole isn't suffering anymore. Hold those memories dearly.
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              Very sorry to hear your sad story Beau. I can't imagine the day I have to put one of our dogs to sleep. Hopefully it is still years away, we have a 1 year old mini Austrailian shepherd, and today we brought home a new addition to the family. Adopted a rescue, he's a 7 month old pure bred black and fluffy dog with a previously broken leg and missing a toenail on each of his hind legs. So far hes been just great, very calm and making himself at home. His previous life was evidently painful, but he doesn't seem to have any behaviour problems as a result.
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                Sorry to hear that, Beau. I still remember putting my mini-schnauzer Reese down about 3 years ago. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done, and you better believe my wife and I were crying hard too. I still miss his snorting and 'acts of communication' as he was a very verbal booger. Apparently, all breeds have tendencies. With labs, the joints, cancer, and arthritis. With schnauzers, they tend to become diabetic. We almost adopted another schnauzer from the shelter, but learned she was also diabetic and requiring insulin shots- I couldn't go through that again that soon. There is always a line where/when you know it's time, and only you can make that call. It might not feel good ever, but the pain will decrease. I guess I felt like I let him down, but in reality, it was the right and humane thing to do.

                Remember how they made you feel, how you made them feel, and that you were there when they needed you. It sucks losing a pet-pal, but they do not live as long as we do.

                If you have to take your mind off of it for a bit, you can always go hang with Hong and poke fun at his blue LEDs....

                I'm with ya,
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                  My condolences Beau. We are facing the same with our much beloved Sumo. He has cancer that has spread to his lungs. We have been readying ourselves for the past few months and honestly it just isn't easy.

                  The Love that our pets, our family gives is unconditional. The give simply because they do.


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                    Family is any being we lovingly accept and care for. Sounds like Cole and your family were both equally fortunate in the meeting, the living, and the passing.

                    My thoughts are with you and your family....

                    I cried in the reading.
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                      So sorry to hear about this. We had to put our cocker spaniel down due to cancer when our kids were little. They are now in their 30s, and we recently got a puppy (Labradoodle) that we love, but it really took all that time for us to get over the loss and be ready for another dog. So, I think we know your pain. The thing is, the love they give is so unconditional its exceptional!


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                        That sucks 😢 sorry to hear it.



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                          You have my sympathy and empathy. It's been four years since we had to put down our dog and I still tear up when I think about him. Our emotional connection to our pets run much deeper than we ever think.
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                            Other than our human family, there's no love stronger than that from a good dog, and it's really, really difficult to have to let them go, but we must when it's time. So very sorry for your loss, Beau.


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                              Losing a member of the family. Im sorry to hear.