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PE HiFi 2.1 amp question

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  • PE HiFi 2.1 amp question

    Hey guys, have been reading, lurking and building for a year now. Yep, spent $$$$$$. So, been trying this small little wonder for a while. Part number 320-608. Its the small 2.1 hifi amp (2x15 and 1x30). Love the simplicity and sound on the stereo channels, reminds me a little of the DTA-2 sound wise. Anyway, tried a plate amp design that Tom Zarbo has that is killer for small 2.1 projects.

    BUT...the mono channel is giving me fits. Tom, I know if you are reading, you ran it on your Quarks and Voxel. I am designing a 2.1 wifi speaker that uses 4 Fe85s and a single TB w41138, that is in the voxel. In fact, using the same dimensions as the Voxel at .24. However, it distorts almost all the subs I put on it. I am using a 10k pot as Tom did to control bass separately, but just makes the subs flutter. I have tried the TB w4, the TB w5 and DA designer subs, all with the same effect. I have to turn down the sub volume to almost zero to keep the sub from fluttering out. And then I have no bass...

    Anyone had this issue? No phase issues, I have tried that. And tried a separate board. I know the 30 watts at 4ohms cannot be that strong.

    I am using 12v 5amp supply. Any help would be appreciated!


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    I suspect that you have a faulty amp. For as little as these cost you might want to try another board. You could also put the original pins back on so that you can rule out the volume knob as a possible problem.


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      Do you any other amp to drive the Voxel as a test. That would tell you whether it's the amp board or the sub itself.


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        I hear your pain. I had issues with a few of my boards. One of mine was just noisier than the others. I always wondered if I 'fried' it a with my over-zealous soldering, but I suspect it was possibly 'off' a bit from the start. I know some of the cheaper 2 channel amps made a lot of noise.

        Could you take a pic of your setup? Especially the soldering of the lines to the pins for the sub level pot. Also you mentioned that you tried a separate board, does that mean you've tried more than one amp board and the same problem exists with both? I'd take a good look at your wiring if that's the case. I think I used a 16v 4 amp or close to that PS for the Micro-B plate amp. Could it be that your power supply is causing issues? Possibly try a different power supply or adjustable bench supply to be sure.

        I braided my sub pot wires and used the 10K pot as you did. Could you de-solder the lines from the sub pot and connect the two that are supposed to be 'jumpered' to see if that fixes things?
        Also, I had ground issues with my board... probably because I stupidly insisted that my amp project be built on a nice brushed aluminum plate. I still like the looks of it, but being metal, it caused a few issues.

        Anyway, I'll try and help if I can, I'm no expert, but maybe I'll remember something that can help.

        *Veneering curves, seams, using heat-lock iron on method *Trimming veneer & tips *Curved Sides glue-up video
        *Part 2 *Gluing multiple curved laminations of HDF *Cello's Speaker Project Page

        *Building the "Micro-B 2.1 Plate Amplifier -- Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3 * Part 4 * * Part 5 'Review' * -- Assembly Instructions PDF


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          Thanks guys. Great info Tom. Sorry, have been traveling. Let me look at a new board and I will post some pics Tom as well, of the connection.