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245uF Film Capacitors From NWL.

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  • 245uF Film Capacitors From NWL.

    "new NWL "1510-0403-01 A" metalized polypropylene film industrial Capacitor, T00223. 245uF, 250 Volts, 3%" on eBay for $3.39 each. Aside from the price I find the high voltage and narrow tolerance very attractive.
    eBay item number 351685046762

    When used as a high pass(245 uf followed by 25 ohms shunt resistor) with a pair of Infinity R162's and a pair of NHT 1259 12" subs(with 2rd order 12mh/250uf low pass) I now enjoy a fullrange sound. To my ears I can not detect any loss of details of the main speakers.

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    Industrial caps are often very good for audio application as they are made to ensure high peak currents. Seek out motor start caps for crossovers, they can perform very well.
    "I just use off the shelf textbook filters designed for a resistor of 8 ohms with
    exactly a Fc 3K for both drivers, anybody can do it." -Xmax


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      Good to know. 3% tolerance is relatively rare for motor start caps usually.


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        Just measure them before you use them to be sure. Remember that the tolerance rating is the tolerance over the entire temperature and voltage range specified. For speaker use the temperature is usually stable room temperature and voltage is generally well under the 250-400V rating, so the caps tend to stay pretty much right on the low level measured value for real world use.
        "I just use off the shelf textbook filters designed for a resistor of 8 ohms with
        exactly a Fc 3K for both drivers, anybody can do it." -Xmax


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          My meter can only measure up to 200uf. However, I got a measurement of 125.7uf by connecting two of them in series. So the approximate capacitance for each one is 251.4 uf, which is within 3%(actually 2.6%) the advertised 245uf.


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            Can you find the OEM data sheet? Usually google finds something, but it keeps coming back to these caps for sale in different places.
            John H

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              NWL does have a web site.
              Here is what it says about NWL capacitors.

              Two locations totaling 100,000 square feet are dedicated to the design and production of film capacitors. Manufacturing capabilities include all film with foil or segmented metallized film packaged in metal or plastic cases and are either oil or resin filled. Both air and water-cooled capacitors are available for high-current and high frequency applications.

              I have not found the OEM data sheet yet. Perhaps someone is better at detective work?
              BTW, I wrote to the seller about data sheet and if I get any info I will be happy t share.
              Both Infinity R162 and R152 are very revealing speakers and are good speakers for testing capacitor quality. Check the factory refurbishing section of Harman website for availability. R152 is no slouch either. http://averagejoeaudiophile.blogspot...itys-high.html
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