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How to make an Audi sandwich, the hard way.

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  • How to make an Audi sandwich, the hard way.

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    Not exactly how Kole and I wanted to end the MWAF weekend. We're OK, just some minor bruises and scrapes. Kole's knee hit the glovebox hard enough to take skin off and caused white creases in the plastic where it collapsed momentarily. Not sure how bad an accident you would need to be in to have air bags deploy on this Audi, apparently this one wasn't bad enough.

    I'm partially to blame for the accident and will admit it. Was riding about 5 car lengths away from the truck in front of me, looked over at the GPS to get an update and when I looked back up he was hard on his brakes. Apparently someone had cut him off. I tried to slow the vehicle down as fast as possible without turning two arrays speakers into missiles that would take our heads off. I couldn't have slowed down much faster anyway, the car behind us still hit us. She had three kids in the back seat, all of them were OK, just startled.

    Will never use Enterprise Car Rental again!! The accident happened at 2:30 and they promised the first tow truck would be there within 90 minutes. The nearest Enterprise rental facility was only 10 miles away, and the tow truck was suppose to haul us there to make the exchange. It was 93 degrees outside and the radiator was busted so the car couldn't be started for A/C without fear of overheating. Top this off with the fact that there was no shade to speak of anywhere near. The hour and a half came and went, still no tow. Called Enterprise again, put me on hold while they contacted dispatch for an update. Came back with a "We are so sorry Mr. Kendrick", they are experiencing a high volume of accidents right now and have promised to be there this time in the next hour. After another hour and a half came and went, I was pissed! Turned the car back on, looked up the nearest gas station (2.5 miles away) and drove it up to the station, temp gauge reached a little over half way and could have went to full overheat for all I cared. Called Enterprise to update them on the new location and the Tow truck finally arrived at 7:20, too late for the Enterprise store 10 miles away cause they closed at 6. Now we had to ride with the tow truck driver (and his wife??)to the DFW airport, 40 miles away. At least the employees at the airport were more responsive and had us ready to head back out by 9. Needless to say after this experience, this will be the last time I drive to MWAF. It's all plane rides from here and I don't care what it cost me to ship the speakers up there and back.
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    Bummer! Glad you guys are okay.
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      Sorry that happened to you guys. It seems ridiculous though that the airbags did not deploy. It looks like there was enough of an impact here that they should have. I would certainly file a report with Audi and question them.
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        Good that you and all were okay. Are the speakers unscathed?
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          Nothing is as important as "no one got hurt". And for that, one must thank the Universe.
          Now, how does one put a 5 foot array into overhead storage for the next trip?

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            Glad to hear that no one was seriously injured and sorry to hear about your inconvenience with your car rental... I hope that's not the kind of service I have to look forward to in a couple weeks when we use Enterprise on our vacation .


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              So sorry for the accident and the wait in the heat. Glad you guys are ok


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                Glad everyone is ok! Very poor from Enterprise. Hope the speakers are ok.


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                  Yikes, glad you two are mostly okay. Young people generally heal up pretty quick, so hopefully Kole is back to normal soon without any lasting issues.

                  I've never opted for the 'extra insurance' from Enterprise, though I've often wondered if I should. I think I may next time after seeing this... an accident can happen to anyone at any time. Even if you were able to get slowed down in time to avoid smacking the truck, the person behind you was not, so you'd have still gotten whacked pretty good probably; maybe even pushed into the truck anyway... just a bad situation.

                  So sorry this happened on your ride home. Sounds like a hot, sticky mess too... that's almost a five hour wait in the heat. I would have been pretty dang grumpy after waiting that long I'm afraid.

                  Well, you'll remember your first MWAF win for the rest of your life without a doubt! ;)

                  Glad it wasn't worse.

                  Rest up man,
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                    Oh No!!!!! That's a whole bunch of suck... glad you guys are all right.
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                      Glad to hear you all made it out OK with only minor injuries, the wreck looks nasty enough.
                      I'm a little confused though, it seems to me the issue is with the towing service, not Enterprise. And high volume can swamp any service, so it seems unfortunate but maybe not their fault either. Bad things happen on plane trips as well. So, you don't have any sure bets.


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                        Wonder if that car was part of the big airbag recall? Man, glad you guys are alright, seems like that's the instant an accident happens, right when ya look away for any reason. Bummer!
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                          Thanks guys. We're Ok and somehow the speakers came out of it unscathed. One of the Black Widows ended up in the front of the vehicle but it was wrapped in a blanket so no damage to it surprisingly.

                          Skatz, I had to go through Enterprise to get the tow service and unfortunately they used a company that employed several wrecker companies. After speaking with the Tow truck driver that finally arrived, we learned how Enterprise does business in these situations. Their primary goal was the rate for the tow, not the customer on the side of the road. The driver's company used to have the Enterprise contract exclusively in that area but they switched over to this other group to save money. It was only after we sat there for 4 hours and my third call to Enterprise that they contacted his company again. His rate for the haul was about $40 dollars more then the other company. He was there within an hour and unlike the other tow companies, he contacted me to let me know they were on their way.
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                            Originally posted by 6thplanet View Post
                            Wonder if that car was part of the big airbag recall? Man, glad you guys are alright, seems like that's the instant an accident happens, right when ya look away for any reason. Bummer!
                            Funny you mentioned that Eric. Right before the guy handed me the keys he called Corporate about a recall concern to see if this vehicle had been taken care of. He stated it had. Not sure what the recall was for. Gonna inquire when I return the other vehicle today.
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                              As others have said, the best thing is no one was seriously injured. Traveling at 60 mph means you would have been covering a distance of 88 feet each second, so with a 5-car length distance between you and that truck, it would have been difficult, if even possible, to have stopped in time even if you had not looked away at your GPS. The very first DIY event I went to was held at Mark K's home in Sacramento, CA in 2003 when we were living in SoCal (Rancho Santa Margarita). I needed a larger vehicle than either of our 2 cars and rented from Enterprise. I told them I didn't need or want a big SUV, like a Suburban, preferring something like an Explorer. They said they would provide what I wanted. When they arrived at my house with the vehicle, guess what it was? Yep, a Suburban and too late to change for us to make the trip to Sacramento in time.

                              Very glad you and Kole are okay.